These 12 Wedding Bouquets Are So Pretty, You'll Wanna Get Married ASAP

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Oat Cinnamon / Dani Rexine

From the design of your plates and silverware, to your wedding party's attire, to the weight of your invitation paper and what jewelry will complement your hair, there are so many wedding aesthetic details to take care of. Looking at photos of wedding bouquets, however, can remind you that the open-ended questions these details present can actually leave room for so much creativity.

Your bouquet, like the other visual deets, will probably complement your wedding's vibe. For example, will you say your wedding vows nestled in a wooded backyard in New England? Are you going for a quirky, hipster wedding? Or a ceremony that's beautifully modern? Your wedding aesthetic or theme will likely dictate the wedding bouquet shapes and color palette.

Some other things to keep in mind when planning your wedding bouquet:

And of course, whether it's a handmade on a pinboard, a collaged page in your journal, or done digitally, a wedding aesthetic moodboard is key. Here are 12 bookmark-worthy bouquets that are def worth saving — probably to the wedding inspo Instagram collection you've recently started.

This vintage-looking rose arrangement

This shot comes from Dani Rexine, a weddings and elopement photographer based in the Pacific Northwest.

A little ode to your wedding location

This bouquet is composed of native Australian flowers, which is makes sense for an Australian wedding. It could be cool to talk to your florist about incorporating flora and foliage indigenous to where your wedding's being held. This shot comes from Laura Sykes at Perth and Bussleton-based Mayflower Weddings & Events, which takes care of photography, makeup, and floral design for clients.

This bold, foliage-first cascade bouquet

This photo comes from April Walsh, who runs Freckled Fox Photography. Walsh is an Arkansas-based photographer who also travels to shoot newlywed couples.

This icy fern bouquet

The Instagram bio for Frenchie's Floral says they're here to give you "exquisite blooms, artful weddings, and elevated floral design" in Juneau, Alaska. This cool-toned bouquet — especially in a sea of corals, burgundies, creams, and white — delivers just that.

These warm, complementary bouquets for two brides

If you and your spouse-to-be are both brides, then you might be planning on two bouquets. As shown in this shot from LGBTQIA+ wedding magazine Dancing with Her, you and your fiancée don't have to match. You can have bouquets using the same flowers, but different colors. Or you can have a variety of blooms in the same palette.

This photo was captured by Kelly Balch. Based out of Los Angeles, Balch also travels around the world to shoot couples.

This perfect balance of foliage and flora

This bouquet is the work of Halle Byrams at Tulsa, Oklahoma-based Langhorne Floral Co. It's an even mix of cool tones, warm tones, and foliage. This would work as great wedding inspo if you really want your bouquet to reflect all the colors in your wedding palette.

A desert vibe for a desert wedding

Portland, Oregon-based Sea of Roses does floral design (as well as styling and creative direction) for weddings. On her blog, Heather from Sea of Roses breaks down this "Muted Desert" bouquet as composed of bridesmaid rose, mother of pearl, eryngium, sea star fern, "cafe latte" rose, "quicksand" rose, picotee ranunculus.

The dramatic ribbon in this arrangement brings a new meaning to "cascade bouquet" and makes it more dynamic. A ribbon is a perfect opportunity to play with with color palette, texture, or embellishment.

A bouquet for truly be-leaf-ing in love

This compact, posy bouquet still manages to have some greenery that branches out. It's a good mix of refined with a bit of natural edge. This shot comes from Cody and Allison Harris, a Nashville, Tennessee-based couple who run Cody and Allison Photo.

A tropical touch

If you're looking for a tropical touch to your bouquet, add anthurium. This bouquet was shot by Siouxzhen Kang, an inclusive, Los Angeles-based wedding photographer who shoots at The Dream Choice.

A blush-inspired bouquet palette

Since 2009, Alicia and Adam Rico (aka Bows and Arrows Flowers) have done floral design for weddings, photoshoots, and other occasions. While based in Texas, Bows and Arrows has created floral arrangements for events in Brazil, Mexico, Jamaica, Thailand, Puerto Rico, Canada, and France.

This dreamy bouquet is serving all shades of orange, purple, and pink — in its apricot-colored leaves, pale pink roses, and deep magenta ranunculuses and carnations.

A rugged bouquet for a rugged wedding

This bouquet, arranged by Wendy Trujillo of Rose Colored Floral, was shot by Georgetown, Texas-based Wild Rumpus Photography.

The cool thing about this set of flowers? It was apart of Game of Thrones-themed wedding.

An airy, whimsical bouquet

If you're looking to celebrate a match made in heaven, this angelic bouquet from Ryan Norville of New York City- and Los Angeles-based Oat Cinnamon does just that. The flowers are all variations of a light pink color palette and would work well with an airy, dewy aesthetic — spring nuptials, anyone?

No matter what kind of aesthetic you're going for with your wedding, there is no shortage of wedding bouquet inspiration to fit the vibe of your special day.

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