Get Ready To Cringe From Embarrassment At These Tweets About Awk Sex

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It's easy to bring up the warm, fuzzy, racy feelings that come with good sex. But there's hardly enough talk about the uncomfortable, or even mortifying moments people can also experience in the bedroom. Gushing about the powerful orgasm you had last night? Tired. Bragging about how you've found someone just as kinky as you? Also tired. The people need a moment of silence for the lost condoms, ruined bedsheets, and farts that also come with sex. As it turns out, the following tweets about awkward sex moments finally give these bedroom blunders the acknowledgement they deserve.

We're all human. And for every position that feels good, for every spicy turn-on, and for every delicious morning sex session, there's an an anal faux-pas, a case of bad timing, or an awkward body contortion you may find yourself stuck in. These are all just things that come with inhabiting a human body — inconvenient nosebleeds, body hair up your nose, or that pesky gag reflex. You might as well hop on Twitter to whine and laugh about it.

Besides, using your awkward moment as way to gain clout is truly the millennial and Gen-Z way. Here are a few embarrassing sex stories and bedroom related musings that'll make you cackle as much as cringe.

On The Perils Of Oral Sex

Maybe the pool rule — wait at least 30 minutes after eating — applies to sex, too.

On The Classic Queef

Instead of getting upset that you queefed during sex, laugh. It's a fart, after all.

On Sex In A Shared Home

The people you live with will probably walk in at least once, FYI.

On Not Having The Same Kinks

Being kinky is OK. Just have the kinks conversation before sex so you're both on the same page.

On Unwelcome Guests

Always lock the doors and draw the blinds.

On Hookups From Hell

This takes the cake for "worst sexual experience."

On Anal Sex Mishaps

Apart from the possibility of feeling pain, accidental pooping during anal sex is terrifying to some people. Going slowly can help, but nothing completely eliminates the risk of, well, "painting." It is an occupational hazard, but nothing to be ashamed about.

On A Terrible Double-Whammy

This tweet wins for "worst, accidental, first impression of all time."

On Oral Sex, Part II

We stan an accepting, loving partner.

On Squirting

Squirting during sex is another "mishap" that gets a bad rap. But it's also perfectly normal, and to some people, high-key hot.

On Being Too Tied Up To Respond

Nosebleeds never come at a "good" time, but a mid-bondage moment is definitely not the best.

12 & 13. On The Down Sides Of "Mood Music"

Listen, you might want to rethink (or revamp) your sex playlist.

On Reclaiming The Walk Of Shame

Think of it more as a strut of pride.

On Your Parents Giving You Perspective

Honestly, parents will keep you humble every time.

If you ever queef, poop, bleed, fart, or squirt during sex, don't sweat it. If nothing else, these stories are proof that you'll survive to tell the tale — or at least, tweet about it.

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