13 People Reveal The Most Underrated Songs To Have Sex To

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Just like candles, fresh sheets, and soft lighting, a well-curated sex playlist can help set an impeccably sensual mood in the bedroom. Sexy songs can range from empowering bops (basically anything Ariana Grande) to down-and-dirty "baby-making music." (Usher literally has a song called "Climax.") Elite Daily asked 13 people about the underrated sex playlist songs that secretly get them and their partner riled up every time, and let's just say, the deep cuts on their love-making mixes are were very stirring.

Whether you're vibing to Top 40 hits or low-key bops, listening to music during sex can drum up psychological arousal, too. Neuropsychologist Dr. Rhonda Freeman previously told Elite Daily that your sex playlist can stimulate your brain's reward system, and the dopamine rush that follows can be powerful.

"Dopamine is a neurotransmitter linked with desire, wanting, craving, motivation, or anticipation of someone or something — in this instance, of our intimate partner," Freeman said. "Those systems not only allow the pleasurable experience of sex to be amplified with music, but they also allow music to deepen your connection with your partner."

Below, underrated songs (or albums!) to strengthen your connection with your partner, pump out some dopamine, and get frisky. Take notes.

"All The Time" Ft. Lil Wayne & Natasha Mosley By Jeremih
No doubt about it, this song makes me feel like a freak. Definitely makes me wanna strip tease. The beat and the beginning of the song itself just sets the mood to have sex with your significant other.

— Vanessa, 22

"Adore" By Prince
It's a good fit for a sex playlist... The best way I can explain it is that it's very sensual, to the point that I feel I’m transcending time. The vocals and instrumentals are divine. I know it when I hear it.

— Bianca, 23

"Movement" By Hozier
First thing's first: The song itself is erotic. But more than that, the pace of the song builds up and breaks down the same way sex does. It’s tentative and slow, works into a passionate chant, and then slows back down to a breathy whisper. It matches what you’re thinking and feeling when you have sex.

- Ashlyn*, 21

"Undertow" By Warpaint
It just has the delicacy to it. And sensuality.

— Tina, 23

Any Song By DRWN.
We love some good lo-fi beats. Songs with words are distracting for us. DRWN. is pretty good! Also, Spotify's Butter playlist is a great one.

— Taylor, 25

"The Valley" By Miguel
It makes me feel like a dominatrix, if that makes sense. It makes me feel so sensual and seductive, yet very in control and dominating — but at the same time, like someone who wants to be taken control of.

— Sarah, 25

"Thinkin' Bout You" By Frank Ocean
I like the fact that it's slow and sensual, but it also has a beat that I can pace myself too. I think pacing is very important when having sex.

— Tamia, 23

"Ultraviolence" By Lana Del Rey
She’s so passionate and she just wants it, you know? And the beat is slow, but it’s not a slow song. Lana’s breathy vocals and overall sound on the song make for a very sultry sound that puts you in the mood.

— Brian, 24

"For The Record" By Winston Surfshirt
My favorite deep cut at the moment is "For the Record" by Winston Surfshirt. Super sexy grooves and a lovely '70s porno kinda sound to it. It's definitely about sex, too, so it's a triple threat.

— Hayley, 28

"Hold On" By The Internet
The bass guitar compliments Syd’s voice while she details levels of intimacy between a partner and the rhythm of the song is perfect for a slower pace. It works for both solo and mutual masturbation.

— Carrie, 22

"Candy" By Doja Cat
I absolutely love that song. It has a very sensual sound to it. I can be listening to it anywhere, but it immediately gets me in the mood

— Deniz, 23

"That Way" By Xuitcasecity
Both the lyrics and the beat in “That Way” by Xuitcasecity make it a really sexy song. Just like in the song, you can tell your partner “I like it that way,” which is a fun way to express your desires in a consensual way.

— Sara, 24

Anything From AM-era Arctic Monkeys
I'd up-front recommend the Arctic Monkeys album AM. Great regular beat, to get in the rhythm. They also talk about sexy things quite often, so it's a good vibe.

— Hayley, 28

"I Feel It Coming" Ft. Daft Punk By The Weeknd
"I Feel It Coming" is a sensual jam, TBH. The slow beats and The Weeknd's voice are just intoxicating. Plus, it’s pretty clearly a song about sex, but it’s not up in your face about it. The lyrics about someone taking their time and caring about how their partner feels is a message I wish all sexy songs had. And the late-night, retro sounds are so good to dance to in just the right ways to get you in the mood.

— Maggie, 25

The same way you might look up fresh sex positions or toys, add these songs to your sex playlist if you're looking to spice up your night in. Listen to them here on Spotify.


Dr. Rhonda Freeman, a clinical neuropsychologist

*Names have been changed.

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