14 Pickup Lines About The Cold Weather That Will Literally Break The Ice

When the winter is getting you down, pickup lines about the cold weather could be the key to turning up the heat. Whether you're newly crushin' on a potential boo or if you've been macking with a cutie for a while — sexy one liners can be a funny and cute way to strike up a conversation or reignite some flirty chitchat. It's easy to feel bummed out by the cold. You don't want to go outside. If you're at work or in class all day, the sun's already set when you get home. But the cold and dark don't have to take the mood out of the long winter months. In fact, the wind, sleet, snow, and dark can make for some dreamy dates, and some serious sexy talk.

Pickup lines about the cold can span from topical to so filthy you'll want to take your top off. Dropping one over text or even IRL can be a silly way to show off your personality and make a move, without taking yourself too seriously. If you've got your eye on a new sweetie or if you've been talking to your crush for a minute, these cold weather pickup lines may be just what you need to break the ice.

1. Seven Layer Dip

I'm wearing so many layers it's going to take me a while to get naked, but you can watch.

It's a winter striptease. With a turtleneck.

2. Wrap It Up.

I lost my scarf, can I wrap you around me instead?

(I would never lose my scarf because I spent a stupid amount of money on it at the Philadelphia Museum of Art gift shop, channeling a fancy old genderless art lady that only wears linens. I know where that scarf is at all times.)

3. Ice Ice Baby

Black ice isn't the only thing that brings me to my knees.

Black ice is also incredibly inconsistent and always shows up when I'm in a bad outfit — just like the people I date.

4. White Christmas

Did you hear today's weather report? Hopefully we can expect a few more inches tonight.

A few more inches closer to me actually feeling comfortable authentically opening up to a crush and letting them see "the real me" i.e. me in sweatpants watching Pump Rules.

5. Street Sweeper

Are you a busy two-way street with parking on both sides? Because I hope you get plowed in a timely manner tonight.

I also hope your tiny car doesn't get stuck in a snowbank enabling you to have to ask the nice man that runs the Halal place you live above for his shovel that you'll inevitably break.

6. Snow Day!

Class/work might be canceled, but that body don't quit.

Jokes on you! My body is done for the day.

7. When the fire starts to burn...

I usually warm up by the fireplace, but you're hotter.

An old boyfriend once wrote a song about me in which he said I was the "burn in his hearth" and I had to go home and Google "hearth" on my computer because I didn't have a smartphone yet. It's part of a fireplace or some sh*t.

8. Winter Earplugs

I like your earmuffs. Maybe my roommate can borrow them when we're talking dirty at my house tonight.

My senior year of college I lived with eight men in a dumpster called "Skate House" and I will never un-hear the sounds I heard and now I'm very into earplugs.

9. Netflix And Chilly Weather

Brrrrrrr-ing some takeout over to my place and let's watch a bad movie.

Maybe brrrrring some paper towels, a thing of nonfat greek yogurt, chunky peanut butter, and flavorless seltzer — my roommate is asking.

10. Can(e) I have it?

Candy-cane I have your number? You don't have to feel gelt-y about it.

These are inclusive holiday pickup lines, with winter holiday candy — gelt are chocolate coins often given to kids during Hanukkah.

11. Home Alone

My roommate's work/classes were canceled too. Can I come over?

Here's hoping your crush lives alone and keeps good snacks at their place.

12. Turn the heat off.

We can lower your heating bill tonight, because you won't get getting cold.

The sounds of my bills lowering is foreplay.

13. Touchy-Touchy

50CentVEVO on YouTube
Are you a snowball? Because I bet you'll melt in my hands or my mouth.

This is a winter variation of the 50 Cent song from 2003. Important to note: My parents didn't let me listen to "explicit" songs when I was little, and my older sibling passionately argued that this song was educational because it used figurative language like, "Hot like a tea kettle."

14. Practical Magic.

I'll defrost your windshield while you get ready for work.

OK, this is literally the hottest one.

Of course, "You seem really cool, I'd love to go out sometime!" is a good line too. If you've got a crush this winter, try turning up the heat by making a move. Whether you use one of these lines, a brilliant line of your own, or no line at all, I'm confident you'll keep your romance hot, even during the coldest time of year.