5 Disney-Inspired Romantic Gestures That Are Sure To End In A Happily Ever After

When it comes to grand romantic gestures, no one does it up quite like Disney characters. When these iconic characters fell for each other, they fell hard — and they weren’t afraid to show it. When they wanted to win their object of affection over, they didn’t do so by sending a late night text asking "U up?" or by liking their crush’s Instagram post. Instead, they put their hearts on the line with big risks — and as we know from watching these timeless flicks, those risks always paid off. So, if you're looking for romantic gestures to show your partner you love them, why not take a cue from some of your favorite characters?

There’s certainly no shortage of inspiration at your fingertips. Who could forget Cinderella waltzing with her prince or Rapunzel and Flynn’s evening boat cruise with floating lanterns in the sky? What about when Nala affectionately nuzzles Simba in the Pride Lands of Africa, or when Eve plants a kiss on WALL-E, and literal sparks fly (because they are robots, of course)? Don’t even get me started on Aladdin showing Jasmine the world on a magic carpet ride.

Alas, here are just a few Disney-inspired gestures that are sure to infuse a little fairytale romance into your relationship.

Cook them an Italian feast.

We all know that the way to someone’s heart is often through their stomach, and there’s something about cooking for someone that feels inherently nurturing. Show your boo how much you care about them by whipping up an epic pasta dinner a la Lady And The Tramp.

Add to the romantic ambiance (and the Disney vibe) by playing some classic Italian tunes, and laying out a checkered tablecloth. Most importantly, be sure to recreate the famous moment when the two pups share a bite of spaghetti and their mouths meet in the middle (#dead).

Make them a "Colors Of The Wind" painting.
Jennifer Brister/Stocksy

Feeling crafty? Channel your inner Pocahontas and paint with all the colors of the wind. Creating a piece of art for your boo is a truly unique expression of how you feel about them. Plus, a painting is something that your SO can keep and display somewhere visible as a constant reminder of your love.

As for what to paint, consider something nature-inspired — and, of course, something that incorporates every hue in the rainbow. It doesn’t matter if you don’t consider yourself a skilled artist, either: what will make this piece special to your partner is that you made it specifically with them in mind.

Read them a classic.
Jovo Jovanovic/Stocksy

One of the main things that brings Beauty and the Beast together in the 1991 Disney classic is reading. While you probably don’t have an elaborate home library quite like the one in the Beast’s castle, you can still channel your inner Belle and read to your boo. Whether you choose to do this in your own home for a more intimate vibe, or at your local library, it’s a move that’s dripping with old-school romance.

In Beauty And The Beast, Belle reads from Romeo And Juliet — so consider pulling out some Shakespeare, or another piece of classic literature. You can never go wrong with poetry, either. Belle also helps the Beast to overcome his illiteracy by encouraging him to read to her as well. If bae is down, you might take turns reading to each other.

Enjoy some impromptu dancing outdoors.

In case you haven’t seen Sleeping Beauty, Prince Phillip first meets Princess Aurora in the forest. While riding his horse, he is captivated by a beautiful voice, and eventually follows some forest animals until he finds this mysterious woman. The two begin dancing right there in the middle of the forest and by the end of the song “Once Upon A Dream,” they’ve fallen head over heels in love.

Obviously, you can’t recreate this exact scenario, but you can still capture much of its charm. Ask your SO to go on a walk or a hike with you in nature — somewhere you know you’ll have some privacy. The impromptu slow dancing halfway through is not required, but encouraged. Or, you could even bring along a guitar and serenade your SO, just like Aurora.

Take them on a surprise boat ride.
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Step one: Find a nearby lake, river, or pond at which you can rent a canoe or a rowboat. Step two: Surprise bae by bringing them on a boat ride for two — which is inspired by Ariel and Prince Eric’s date on the lagoon in The Little Mermaid. Set the mood by bringing some portable speakers to play some romantic tunes, and/or packing a little picnic dinner to spread out to enjoy afterward on land.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to “kiss the girl” (or guy).

While some of the moves your favorite Disney characters pulled may be out of the realm of possibility (tragically, we aren’t all privy to a genie, or invited to a ball), there are still so many ways that these films can inspire you to show your love. Take a cue from these classic stories and bae is sure to feel the love tonight.