12 Uncommon Romantic Gestures That Will Make Your Girl Weak At The Knees

by David Kovacs

Dinner and a movie? Check. Doing the dishes while she relaxes? Check. Picnic in the park? Check.

You might think you’ve got this whole romance thing down, and I'm not saying you don't, but there are a whole bunch of uncommon romantic gestures you might not have considered.

So, consider the following fun and unique ways to show her that you care:

1. Make Her A Mixtape

Okay, so maybe not an actual tape, since few people have cassette players anymore. A mixed CD would certainly fit the bill.

In the age of Spotify, SoundCloud and iTunes, few people have physical copies of their music, so taking the time to think of some songs that she would like will show her you care — especially if you include some nifty artwork for the cover and liner notes.

2. Borrow A Puppy

There’s something undeniably adorable about taking a puppy out for a walk and watching it discover the world in which it lives. So, imagine how into you she’ll be once she sees you playing with a cute little pooch.

Borrow one from a friend or a family member; ask around. There’s bound to be someone who has a dog you can borrow. For a real declaration of your future intent, you could even borrow a friend's baby or toddler to watch for an afternoon.

3. Leave Her Notes

There’s nothing like a little surprise note left in places she won’t expect to show her you care. Try writing a romantic note on a Post-It and attaching it to her laptop screen, so it’s there for her when she opens the computer. You could also slip notes into a book she's reading.

4. Take Her Back in Time

She would appreciate a look into your past. Ask your parents to send a bunch of photos of you from when you were growing up. She’ll get a kick out of looking at photos of the boy you once were — before you became the man for whom she fell.

5. Who’s Her Favorite Writer?

Try to track down a rare first edition by one of her favorite writers. There’s something precious about a rare copy of one of her most beloved novels.

You could also hunt online to see if you can track down an autographed edition; she'll appreciate the effort you dedicated.

6. Sexy Underwear… For You

You might not feel so comfortable about this one, but try buying some sexy underwear to model for her. Hey, if sexy poses aren’t one of your strengths, at least you’ll make her laugh!

7. Spontaneous Stay-At-Home Dinner

When she’s had a rough day at work, send her a text to tell her you’re picking up food from her favorite place to bring to her for a chill date. Don’t forget the wine!

8. Bake Her A Cake

Anyone can buy a nice cake, but to bake a cake from scratch is to show her that you care. When she sees that you’ve been busy sifting flour and separating eggs, she’ll melt in your arms… just like all that darn butter you had to melt to make the icing.

9. Clear Space For Her At Your Place

This doesn’t have to mean the two of you are getting super serious, but if she stays over at your place on a regular basis, then clear out space in your closet (or a drawer) just for her. This shows she’s an important part of your life, and you love having her around.

10. Write Her A Romantic Letter

When was the last time you got an actual letter in the mail? Everyone prefers text and email, so the handwritten letter now seems prehistoric.

Write her a love letter; put a stamp on it and send it. When she’s frowning over all of those bills in her letterbox and sees your letter, it will make her day. If you’re not sure what to write, feel free to “borrow” particularly romantic quotes from movies and literature.

11. Learn How To Give A Real Massage

There are online tutorials that show you how to give a great massage. When many of us attempt to give our partner a massage, the result is often amateurish and leaves us covered in far too much lotion (there's also an occasional bruise).

Teach yourself how to give a sensational, relaxing massage, and she’ll love you for it. Be warned: You might be called upon to do it all the damn time.

12. Tell Her You Love Her

This shouldn’t be an uncommon form of romance, but many women don’t hear it often enough.

It doesn’t have to be a big deal, but make sure you tell her you love her, whether by leaving a little note on her computer or whispering it in her ear as she’s brushing her teeth. She'll love hearing it, no matter when you tell her.