16 Grand Romantic Gestures To Show Your Partner You Love Them If You Want To Go All Out

by Korey Lane

If you're in a relationship, then chances are you've been given or have orchestrated your fair share of romantic gestures. Maybe your partner has sent you flowers, or brought you a coffee to work. Maybe you wrote them a sweet note and hid it somewhere you knew they'd find. Whatever the case, romantic gestures can be a totally fun and exciting part of any relationship. But what about those big romantic gestures, like the ones you see in movies? Are those ever really necessary? Honestly, it can't hurt to have some grand romantic gestures to show your partner you love them on hand, because sometimes, you want to go all out!

Whether you want to surprise your partner "just because," or you want to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, or any other relationship milestone, a grand, romantic gesture might just be the way to go. If you and bae aren't typically gifting each other surprise parties or picnics on the beach, then something super special can seriously surprise them.

But what can you do? Honestly, spelling out "I love you" in rose petals on the beach isn't for everyone, and it also seems like a lot of effort for something that could easily be washed away by a wave. Additionally, we're not all made of money! Crazy Rich Asians and Fifty Shades Of Grey are great movies to watch because they're fantasies. We can't all afford to go to a private island or surprise our partner with a new house, but that's OK! Grand gestures don't have to be expensive and they don't have to happen every day. What's important is that they come from your heart. So, if you're looking for some examples of grand romantic gestures at varying price points, look no further and get to planning!

1. Take them on a weekend getaway. You could go on a road trip, or board a spontaneous flight to Europe. Whatever suits you and your significant other, works!

2. Surprise them with dinner. You can cook something fancy from scratch, or take them to the nicest place in town — or in the state if you want to make a trip out of it. The opportunities are endless.

3. Throw them a surprise birthday party. If you partner has a birthday coming up, then having friends over or getting everyone you know to a bar to celebrate might just be the best way to go.

4. Take a helicopter tour of your city. If you can afford it, or if you can find a great deal, this definitely screams romance.

5. Fly in their cousin or best friend from college you know they've been missing, or help coordinate a visit with them.

6. Plan a day of fun! If you know your partner likes a variety of activities, then surprise them with a day where you do all of their favorite things. Go to their favorite coffee shop, then hit up the farmer's market, the dog park, a local brewery — anything that you know they really like to do. Just make sure they feel loved and like the spotlight is on them.

7. Clean up your apartment if you live together. When they come home from work one day, surprise them with a totally spotless apartment. It will probably be a big stress-reliever for them, on top of a totally romantic and grand gesture.

8. Send them on a love scavenger hunt. If you're in the mood for something fun and crafty, make up your own scavenger hunt around your apartment or city and send bae searching. The prize could be dinner, a movie, or you, if you catch my drift.

9. Book a room or suite at the most luxurious hotel in town and have a romantic staycation.

10. Buy some new sexy clothes, like expensive lingerie, and turn up the heat in the bedroom.

12. Take them to see their favorite band or musician.

13. Whisk them away to see their favorite sports team, or to attend a major sporting event that their favorite team is participating in.

14. Buy that new sectional from Ikea you've both been wanting, or something else you've both had your eye on for your shared living space.

15. Gift them that expensive thing they've been wanting for a while. If your bae has talked about a certain watch, or jacket, or book, or piece of jewelry for months now, and you find yourself in a position to be able to buy it for them, then go for it! They'll appreciate it and seriously feel the love.

16. Show off with a flash mob. It's cheesy, and maybe a little clichéd, but if you want to really give your partner a big, grand gesture, a flash mob is the way to go.

Really, there's no wrong way to do a grand romantic gesture as long as you're both comfortable with it. Don't show up at their office in nothing but a trench coat if you know they'd get in trouble. Just do something you know they'd love, stay true to yourself and your relationship, and chances are, your partner will love that you went out of your way (and all out) to do something for them.