7 Women Reveal The Grandest Romantic Gesture They've Ever Received & I'm Swooning

Some say that millennials have stopped communicating because they've always got their phones in their faces, but they couldn't be more wrong — romance is one thing we've still got in the bag. In the age of prom-posals and over-the-top engagement stories, grand romantic gestures are alive and well with us 20-somethings. There are countless ways to tell someone you're thinking of them, you love them, or you want to be with them forever-ever. Grand romantic gestures can be so extra, a bit more low-key, or anywhere in between.

Sometimes, love is declared with dozens of roses or the words "I love you" written in the sky, but big romantic gestures can come in small packages too, like an impromptu foot rub after a long day or sitting in rush hour traffic just for a chance to hug your boo. I don't know about you, but I feel like sometimes even the littlest things can make you fall deeper in love with someone. Romantic gestures are all about showing your bae (or wannabe-bae) exactly how you feel.

Whether you're currently tied down or single and swiping, romantic anecdotes can be just the thing to remind you how great love can be. I got in touch with seven women who revealed the grandest romantic gesture they've ever received, and their stories will make you melt.

Piano Man For The Win
Stocksy / Jovana Rikalo
I used to play piano as a kid. Before my boyfriend and I were official, he got me a piano, a song book, and lessons for my birthday because I had been saying I wished I kept up with it. He gave me clues and little hints leading up to my birthday.

— Natalie, 28

The Breast Kind Of Love
Stocksy / Studio Firma
My boyfriend took care of me after I got a boob job. Any women that have gone from size negative A to a DD know the kind of pain I was in. I was unable to use my arms, so he did everything for me from feeding me with a spoon to helping me go to the bathroom. He's a hell of a guy.

— Megan, 27

Bay Area Bae
Stocksy / GIC
We live in separate cities in the Bay Area, but whenever we aren't together and I'm having a bad day, he will make the effort to drive 45 minutes just to give me a hug.

— Carolyn, 26

Falling For Your Food
Stocksy / Jovo Jovanovic
After two months of dating and lots of eating together, we were in the car driving up to the mountain to ski for the day. He turned to me and said, 'I love the way you eat.' What he meant was my taste in food. I recently went to his home and was very impressed with his all-organic lifestyle and cheese selections. That same day, he told me he loved me for the first time.

— Jessica, 29

Sweet Serenade
Stocksy / Michela Ravasio
I am obsessed with the Hamilton soundtrack, and my now-husband can’t stand how much I listen to it. During our wedding planning, I had a huge breakdown about one month out. He put on the soundtrack and started singing all of the Aaron Burr parts that he had been secretly learning. It was silly, but felt super romantic, and meant so much.

— Lara, 26

London Lovers
Stocksy / Mauro Grigollo
We planned to go to London, but we took the last train of the night in the wrong direction. In lieu of our glamorous planned trip, we hit up a gas station for every kind of strange-flavored chip and a bunch of mini bottles of wine, and took a six-hour cab ride to our hotel. I have never smiled so much in my life.

— Elizabeth, 26

It's The Little Things
Stocksy / Juan Moyano
To be honest, I’ve never really had a grand romantic gesture carried out for me. I think it’s because all my partners have known me well enough to know that I find those efforts a bit outdated and insincere. The way to my heart is through constant small gestures such as helping me take my boots off at the end of the day and rubbing my feet, making dinner, or scrubbing the toilets.

— Val, 27

We all have different love languages which means affection can be shown in a million different ways. Grand romantic gestures can be totally major or the tiniest little thing, but as long as they come from a sincere place, they can make us feel like the heart-eyes emoji.