18 Women Reveal The Tiny Details That Make Them Love Their Partner & You'll Tear Up

by Candice Jalili

Chuck flying to Paris to get Blair her favorite macaroons on Gossip Girl. Noah telling Allie he wrote her every day for a year in The Notebook. Leslie potentially sacrificing her career to be with Ben on Parks & Rec. In most movies and books and television shows, love is often portrayed as a series of grand gestures. But I firmly believe that the small reasons you love someone on a daily basis are what make IRL relationships so special. For example, in a recent Reddit AskWomen thread, ladies shared the small things their partners do to make them love them.

He treats every service person with warmth and kindness.
He's on a first name basis with every service worker in the city it seems. He's so earnest, warm, and gregarious he makes everyone he speaks to feel truly listened to and noticed.It's such a small thing, but even watching him get coffee is so lovely when I get to observe those micro interactions. People have opened restaurants just to make him meals when he was just walking by, not even looking for a meal aha. He impacts people so deeply in the smallest jnteractions. It puts the best ache in my heart.


He randomly says "hi" and tells her she's pretty.
Sometimes I’ll be doing some chore or playing video games or reading and he’ll look over at me and just say in a shy voice “...Hi.” and give me a small wave and tell me I’m pretty.


He rubs her back as she falls asleep every night.
Rubs my back nearly every night til I fall asleep.Leaves the house before me in the morning, but always kisses me goodbye while I sleep.


He kisses her "hello" even when they're fighting.
He always kisses me hello. I mean always. I love it so much. We are currently in like day 3 of our pettiest fight ever and I literally can't stand him right now but even with me glaring at him like a caged tiger he still kissed me hello when he got home. I was very happy he did.


His forehead kisses make her melt every time.
He kisses me on the forehead in the most gentle, sweet way and it always makes me melt.


Her safety is always her first priority.
When we’re in the car, and he has to suddenly brake he throws his arm out across me to stop me from flying forward to protect me. That lets me know that it’s his first instinct to keep me safe.


He makes her favorite coffee every morning.
Makes me Greek coffee in the mornings that I wake up at his place. I love it and don't have the equipment to make it. When we get up he rushes to the kitchen and takes the time (10-15 minutes) to make it and brings it to me.
He also has an incredible memory and will bring me small gifts of things I casually mentioned liking months ago. For example, I mentioned liking a certain flavor of doritos once and a few weeks later we went to a drive in movie and he brought some along.


She's on a pregnancy diet and he eats the same way she does out of solidarity.
I am on a special diet for pregnancy complications and he has been eating the same stuff as me without a second thought. I don’t think I could do the same!


He kisses her head while they watch TV.
When we're cuddling while watching tv and he kisses my head, or when we're sleeping and he rolls over to snuggle and put his arm around me.


He brings her coffee in bed first thing in the morning.
Coffee in bed first thing in the morning with a kiss on the forehead. LOVE IT.


He puts the toilet seat down when she stays over.
Puts the toilet seat down when I stay over.


He wraps her in a blanket burrito before bed when it's cold out.
Wraps me up in a blanket burrito before bed in the winter months!


He doesn't let a day go by without reminding her he loves her.
Sends me ‘love you’ texts everyday. Always brings me a napkin when we are eating because I forget at every meal! Never judges me no matter what I do. Makes my favorite dinner on days that he is off and I am working so I have a nice meal waiting for me. I also go to work early in the morning, and when I kiss him goodbye, he wakes up enough to tell me he loves me and to drive safely.


He doesn't push her to do things she doesn't want to do.
He accepts "I don't want to" as a completely legitimate excuse. For ANYTHING. Sex, cooking dinner, cleaning the bathroom, whatever. We get maid service because I hate cleaning and it's not fair for him to do it all. If I seem unenthused about dinner prep (which is rare for me), he suggests we get takeout. He can always tell when I don't want to do something, and he never pushes. He just finds a workaround.We've been married almost five years and we've never had a fight. I love him SO MUCH.


He laughs at her jokes, even when they're bad.
He gives me soft kisses on my forehead and laughs at my terrible, terrible jokes. Luckily we have a very similar sense of humor so we can keep each other entertained for hours with just the most terrible inside jokes.


He has a fun nickname for her.
My name is Stephanie but he calls me Stefferoni


He stops to remind her he loves her out of the blue.
Randomly stops what he’s doing to remind me he loves me. Holds my hand even if we’re both off in our own worlds. Surprises me with a sweet tea when he’s coming home from a friend’s house.


He puts socks on her feet when they get cold.
When my feet are cold he puts socks on me. Of course I could do it myself but the act of him being so gentle and patient and warming me up always melts my heart.


Is your heart as warm and fuzzy as mine is right now?! Here's to hoping we all find wonderful loves like these women did.