Couple laughing and playing games on their first date.

25 Sexy Questions To Ask Your Crush If You Want To Turn Up The Heat


Few things are more exciting than chatting with your crush, but sometimes, even the most seasoned flirts can hit a conversation wall. Whether you’re texting, DMing, or hanging IRL, talking to your crush can be nerve-wracking. When it’s time to turn up the heat and transition into asking sexy questions, it can feel intimidating — even if you’re totally into each other.

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution. If you’re ready to face your fears, cut to the chase, and get this passion fire started, read on for a list of questions you can ask your crush to get the ball rolling and take your connection to the next level of sexy. Maybe y’all can opt for a steamy, one-on-one AMA.

Tangy Texts

On the shy side? No problem. Ask one of these more mild queries to test the waters.

  1. What are you most attracted to in a partner?
  2. Do you ever have sex dreams about people you know?
  3. Do you ever think — or dream — about me?
  4. How did you lose your virginity?
  5. How would we pass the time if we were stuck on a desert island together?
  6. Who are your three celebrity hall passes?
  7. Would you go skinny-dipping with me?
  8. What's the sexiest scene you've seen in a movie?

Warmer Words

A bit bolder, but still keeping your cool: These Qs will have your crush grabbing a glass of water. Or two.

  1. If you could have sex anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  2. What’s the sexiest thing someone could do to turn you on?
  3. What’s your favorite sex position?
  4. Which sex positions are you still hoping to try?
  5. Do you prefer kinky or sensual foreplay?
  6. Do you like playing music while in bed with someone?
  7. Where are your favorite places to be touched?
  8. What makes you feel sexiest?
  9. Let's talk lights: On or off?

Sweltering Speech

Is something burning? Oh, no, that’s just you and your crush’s chemistry blowing past the boiling point. I'll see myself out.

  1. What are your sexual fantasies or kinks?
  2. Have you ever tried role-playing?
  3. What’s the freakiest thing you’ve done in bed?
  4. What’s the freakiest thing you hope to do in bed one day?
  5. Have you ever used a sex toy?
  6. Would you be willing to use a sex toy during sex with someone else?
  7. How would you feel about trading nudes?
  8. If we were together, what would you want to be doing right now?

Just be sure to remember that the sexiest trait of all is honoring your crush’s boundaries, and reinforcing yours, too. Nothing is hotter than mutual respect and consent!