Text your hookup sexy questions if you want to start sexting
15 Sexy Questions To Text Your Hookup When You're In The Mood

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It's easier than you think to get someone off with your fingers — even when they're nowhere near you. Texting can turn into some pretty raunchy foreplay if you ask the right questions, and no, "u up?" is not one of them. Sexting may not get you off like physical contact can, but it can create some hot sexual tension before a hookup. And if you and your hookup aren't able to meet up, sexting can also act as an effective substitute. Whether you want to talk dirty or get down and dirty, I've got some sexy questions to text your hookup that will have you both feeling freaky.

As Kate Moyle, psychosexual and relationship therapist, previously told Elite Daily, "Sexting can be a great way for a couple to build up desire and anticipation, which is the best natural aphrodisiac. It offers a different form of being creative, and describing what you might like to do together or try out and encouraging your partner to use their imagination can be really sexy." If you're looking to take your casual hookup to the next level (or you're simply feeling horny), these sexy texts will let both of your imaginations run wild.

If You Want To Know Them Better In Bed
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If you want to know your hookup better, ask them about their childhood memories and future aspirations. If you want to know them better in bed, ask them these questions instead (and then keep their answers in mind for your next R-rated rendezvous).

  • "What's a sexual fantasy you've always had?"
  • "What are your thoughts about sex toys?"
  • "What's a sex position you've always wanted to try?"
  • "If you could have sex in anywhere other than the bedroom, where would it be?"
  • "What gets you turned on more than anything?"
If You Want To Start Sexting

To take your convo from polite and mild to wet and wild, try tapping into your hookup's imagination (and if they're feeling uninspired, you can always help them out with a visual). With these texts, it won't be long before you both have one hand occupied.

  • "I had this really hot dream last night and you were in it. Want to hear about it?"
  • "If I were in your bed right now, what would you want me to do to you?"
  • "I'm touching myself. Should I tell you what I'm thinking about?"
  • "I started thinking about the sex we had last night and now I'm really wet. What do you think the hottest part of last night was?"
  • "I just got some new panties. Do you want to see a pic of me in them?"
If You Want To Initiate A Hookup

As fun as sexting is, sometimes you just want the real deal. To get your hookup into your bed, you can entice them with the promise of food or a free Uber ride — or you can just send them one of these messages.

  • "My bed feels really lonely RN. Want to have a sleepover?"
  • "I just showered, but TBH, I'm kind of in the mood to get dirty again. Care to help me out?"
  • "Will you come over and hang out with me? I promise it won't suck. (Though I might.)"
  • "I've been looking forward to taking my bra off all day. Want to stop by and do the honors?"
  • "SOS. The batteries in my vibrator are dead. Will you help me come instead?"

Next time you're tempted to shoot your hookup buddy an unimaginative "u up?" text, try one of these questions to really turn them (and their imagination) on. Your hookup will be banging on your door — and then, you know, banging you — before you know it.


Kate Moyle, psychosexual and relationship therapist