12 Disney Date Ideas That'll Bring The Magic Kingdom Feels To Your Home

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Shanelle Infante, Elite Daily

It's time to sprinkle a little magic on your typical date night at home. By letting some of your favorite movies inspire you, you'll be surprised at just how many at-home Disney date ideas you can come up with. Perhaps, your go-to plan is to watch a Disney movie together on the couch. Well, now you can live out your very own fairy tale without ever having to leave the comforts of your living room.

All it takes is a bit of imagination to get your creative juices flowing. Instead of ordering a pizza for delivery, challenge yourself to make a delicious feast and have your partner "be your guest." Turn your wine night into a wine and paint night using "all the colors of the wind." Get your DIY on with a craft project that's inspired by your favorite Pixar movie. You can even work out together if you want to be ready for anything that may come your way, like Mulan and Li Shang.

Let your favorite Disney movie or favorite thing to do in the parks be your magic carpet ride to the date night of your dreams. If you need some fresh ideas, simply try any of these 12 Disney date ideas that will have you feeling happily ever after at home.

Watch Disney Fireworks All Cuddled Together

If your favorite thing to do together at the Disney parks is to watch the fireworks, it's time to recreate that magic at home as best you can. Set your TV to play some Disney World fireworks shows on YouTube. Cuddle up close and enjoy the show while snacking on some freshly-prepared park snacks like churros and Mickey-shaped Rice Krispie Treats.

Create A Magic Carpet Picnic

Share "a whole new world" together like Aladdin and Jasmine by having a picnic on a magic carpet blanket. Serve Aladdin-inspired dishes like magic carpet flatbread pizzas and baklava. Whether set up your spread in the living room, or stargaze together in your backyard, this is sure to be magical.

Have A Belle Of A Good Time Cooking A 'Beauty And The Beast' Feast

Surprise your partner with a dinner that even the dishes would agree is delicious. If you listen closely to the "Be Our Guest" lyrics from Beauty and the Beast, it basically lists an entire menu with things like beef ragu and cheese souffle. Though, the one dish you can't skip out on is the iconic grey stuff. Serve a full feast and end the night dancing around the living room to "Beauty and the Beast."

Have A Wine And Paint Night Like Rapunzel

Rapunzel is the queen of staying in. She knows how to fill up a day at home with fun stuff like candle making, pottery, and even ventriloquy. The one thing she keeps going back to, though, is painting.

Have a wine and paint night with your partner, drinking a glass of your favorite bottle (if you're 21 or up). Try to recreate the sun symbol from Tangled or take a cue from another Disney princess. Just let your hair down and let the creativity happen!

Enjoy Spaghetti And Meatballs Like Lady And The Tramp

Recreate the iconic spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp. Have fun cooking in the kitchen together. Then, play some Italian music in the background while you share your meal by candlelight. Snap a selfie of you eating the noodle, and post it on the 'Gram with the caption, "Bella notte."

Create Your Very Own Adventure Book Like In 'Up'
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Usually, you and your partner like to go on adventures together like Carl and Ellie from Up. While you're at home, you can reflect on those adventures by making a photo album. Get the exact same My Adventure Book from the movie, and tape your favorite vacay photos together on all the pages. Save room in the back to write a heartfelt letter to each other.

Read Your Favorite Book Aloud Like Belle

Get lost in a story together by reading a book aloud. Just like Belle would read the Beast stories by the fireplace, you can take turns reading different chapters. If you don't have a romantic fireplace to sit by, make the coziest blanket fort in your living room so it can be your very own reading oasis.

Try A Warrior Workout Together Like Mulan

Couples who love to work out on the reg should try at-home workout videos from YouTube. Channel Mulan and Li Shang like you're training to defeat the Huns. Put on the Mulan soundtrack in the background so you can sweat and sing along to "I'll Make A Man Out Of You."

Celebrate Christmas Whenever Like Jack And Sally

Who said it had to be the month of December for you to celebrate Christmas? Get into the holiday spirit any time of the year just like Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Bake some Christmas delights and watch your favorite holiday movies while wearing festive sweaters.

Dance Around The Living Room Like There's No Midnight

Make a Spotify playlist together of your favorite songs, and dance around the living room like no one's watching. Include some slow songs so you can dance real close, and nostalgic ones that you know all the lyrics to. The best part about your at-home dance party is that when the clock strikes midnight, you don't have to rush anywhere like Cinderella.

Make 'Frozen'-Inspired Ice Scream Sandwiches

You and your partner are so close that you "finish each other's... sandwiches." Though, there's no need to share if you both make your own ice cream sandwiches at home. Check out various YouTube videos with different frozen treats like chocolate waffle ice cream sandwiches or chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches.

Eat And Drink Around The World Like You're At Epcot

One of the most romantic date ideas if you're at Disney World is drinking around the world at Epcot, and you can recreate that experience at home in your own kitchen. Try whipping up Insta-worthy cocktails like the violet sake using this copycat recipe from Adventure Bros. Then, make a few dishes like the delicious cheddar cheese soup that's served at the Le Cellier Steakhouse in the Canada Pavilion. Watch an Epcot walkthrough video while you enjoy your treats so it really feels like you're at the park.

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