Rory and Lorelai sit on their couch at home, watching TV in 'Gilmore Girls.'
12 'Gilmore Girls'-Inspired Things To Do On A Summer Night In With Your Roomies

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There's a reason why you keep revisiting Gilmore Girls on Netflix. You love Lorelai and Rory, and it seems like there's always something exciting going on in Stars Hollow. Instead of simply rewatching the show for the millionth time, take a cue from your favorite episodes and try these Gilmore Girls-inspired activities to do in the summer at home. It's time for you to fully embrace that W.W.T.G.G.D — what would the Gilmore Girls do — lifestyle.

If you live for cozy movie nights, stream a classic and make sure to have a bunch of snacks on hand as if you made a pit stop at Doose's Market. Channel your inner Sookie by whipping up a meal that's worthy of being featured at the Dragonfly Inn. Pack a picnic basket with goodies your partner will love for a backyard date night. You can even draw inspiration from the many festivals Taylor Doose organized over the years, and host an intimate one of your own with your roomies.

There are seven seasons and a revival to pull creative ideas from, but if you need some help getting started, here are 12 Gilmore Girls-inspired activities ready for you to start planning at home. Try one or say, "Oy with the poodles already," and try them all.

Have A Snack-Filled Movie Night

Lorelai and Rory know how to do movie night right. They always stock up on the yummiest snacks, so make a quick run to the grocery store to grab your favorite movie theater candy and popcorn before you cozy up on the couch.

Whip Up Some Homemade Pop-Tarts

IMO, the sweetest couple in the series was not Luke and Lorelai; it was Lorelai and her Pop-Tarts. So grab your apron and try your hand at these homemade Pop-Tarts from YouTube. This video shows you how to make three different flavors: strawberry, brown sugar cinnamon, and chocolate fudge. Don't forget to brew a cup of coffee to go with your Pop-Tart.

Read One Of Rory's Favorite Books

If you love reading just as much as Rory, start a book club with your housemates. Find a Rory-inspired reading list filled with the books she's seen reading throughout the series, and try to check off as many as you can. The best part will be discussing your favorite parts over a glass of wine (if you're 21 or up) once you're finished.

Sing Karaoke Like Lorelai

Who could forget Lorelai singing "I Will Always Love You" at karaoke? It was a heartfelt moment for every Lorelai and Luke shipper out there. Take inspo from that episode and have a karaoke night at home. Have fun singing your fave songs at the top of your lungs.

Cook A Meal That Would Make Sookie Proud

Be inspired by Sookie's cooking and whip up a delicious meal for everyone in the kitchen. It could be a nice gesture to bring your roomies together, or something romantic to plan for your next date night with bae. Make a creamy risotto like Sookie's and make sure you pair it with the right wine.

Make Surprise Picnic Baskets For Each Other

One of the most iconic episodes of Gilmore Girls was the "A-Tisket, A-Tasket" episode where Dean and Jess fought over Rory's picnic basket. Take inspo from that episode by having a picnic in your living room. Put together an adorable basket filled with all your partner's favorite foods, and have them do the same for you. It'll be a fun surprise seeing what's inside.

Have A Dance Marathon In Your Living Room

Another memorable episode is the "They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They?" episode with the dance marathon. Have your roomies dress up in their best 1940s style, and have an all-night dance party. The last person standing up at the end of the night wins a trophy and bragging rights around the house.

Go Glamping In Your Backyard

Rory discovers the Life and Death Brigade that Logan is part of when she gets invited to an event in the woods. It's the definition of glamping with large tents, ballgowns, and a full spread of food. If you have a backyard, have a glamping night by decorating your tent with tons of fairy lights and fun decor.

Recreate Living Pictures For The 'Gram

Be inspired by the Festival of Living Art and recreate some of your favorite masterpieces at home. This could be a super silly and fun challenge to try with your roomies. Post side-by-side pictures on the 'Gram and see what your friends think.

Build A Pillow Maze Like The Hay Bale Maze

Who could forget when Stars Hollow spent their entire Spring Fling budget on a hay bale maze? Instead of ordering a bunch of hay bales for your home, design your very own epic pillow fort maze. Make it as massive as you'd like, and try not to get lost within it.

Host A Firelight Festival, Complete With Founders' Day Punch

One of the best Stars Hollow festivals was the Firelight Festival. It was known especially for its founders' day punch. Hang up string lights all around the room and mix up your very own founders' day punch to drink with your besties.

Give The Older Furniture In Your Space A Fun Update

Take a cue from Mrs. Kim and have a DIY night with your friends, upgrading older pieces of furniture in your home. Start scanning Pinterest and YouTube for ideas. You can either paint it a vibrant color or get some cute decals from Etsy to apply to your pieces.

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