The Best Couples Workouts To Try At Home When You & Your SO Are Sick Of Netflix & Chill

by Georgina Berbari

It can be hard to convince yourself to work out sometimes, but having a partner to instill a healthy dose of motivation can go a long way. It especially helps when that workout buddy just so happens to be your ~bae~. Honestly, it doesn't get much better than sweating it out with your SO with some at-home couple workouts, because you're spending time with your favorite person and you're taking care of your body.

"Studies have shown that working out with a partner increases exercise frequency, and it's more fun as well," Allen Michael, a spokesperson and editor for the online workout guide Simple Fitness Hub, told Elite Daily back in September.

It's not just that your partner can help you steer clear of boredom during a workout; according to Michael, the two of you can "share your workout goals, and hold each other accountable to staying on-target week in and week out."

These exercises literally don't even require you to leave the house — because, let's be real, what's better than cozying up inside with your SO and avoiding all other human contact for the day? I mean, you're bound to get a little cabin fever after awhile on such a lazy day, so when you and your partner can't handle melting into the couch anymore, try some of these workouts to get your blood moving and laugh a little.

Push-Up High Fives
energeiabootcamp on YouTube

Push-ups are hard AF on their own, but add a high five with your partner to the equation? Then it's really next-level.

You'll both probably burst out laughing when you realize not just how difficult this move is, but a) how sweaty your palms both are, and b) how terrible your high-five aim is. Hey, that's what makes it fun, right?

Jumping Lunges
Sunwarrior on YouTube

Sick of high-fiving your partner yet? You two don't necessarily have to do it again with these jumping lunges, but either way, this workout is awesome if you and your SO are looking to bring a little cardio into your apartment. Trust me, these jumping lunges that will have you sweating, panting, and red-in-the-face in no time. Cue up that motivational workout playlist, and get to it — and don't forget to cheer each other on.

Lying-Leg Throw-Down
eHowFitness on YouTube

You might not believe me, but I truly think this move makes core work kind of... fun? I don't know, peeps, something about semi-aggressively throwing your partner's legs down in the name of increased abdominal strength is just thrilling. Try as many as you can possibly muster, then switch places with your SO.

Wheelbarrow Push-ups/Squats
Everybody Leisure on YouTube

Normally, wheelbarrow push-ups are only challenging for the person who's the "wheelbarrow," but not this time. This partner workout adds in squats for the person doing the carrying so that both of you are getting in a great workout. One of you will get the glute gains, while the other will work on arms and core.

Switch it up afterward if you feel like it — or just lie on the ground in your own sweat and complain, because that's part of the fun, too, right?

Wall-Sit/Tricep Dips
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on YouTube

Finish up with some wall-sit/tricep dips, which, again, will give the two of you totally different workouts to try. Remember, communication is key here. If the wall-sitter is getting tired, take a breather and try again after a little break.