I Bet I Can Tell You Your Fave Flavor Just Based On Your Sign

Add a little... spice.

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Astrology’s complexities don’t stop at personality traits; they can also extend to flavors. Each of the seven traditional planets is associated with a taste, so the planet that rules your zodiac sign likely influences your taste buds quite a bit.

If you’ve ever wondered why you love spicy food or sugary snacks so much, your zodiac sign may have the answer:


As the fiery hot cardinal sign of the zodiac, it comes as no surprise that your go-to flavor is aggressive spiciness. Since Mars is your ruling planet, you like to indulge in foods that pack a punch; the more intense the flavor, the better.


Your ruling planet, Venus, is all about indulging, and what better way to do that than through food? Your go-to flavor is likely something sugary and moist — food that is enjoyable no matter how many bites you take.

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You’re pretty open-minded when it comes to food — and your sign’s ruler, Mercury, perfectly explains why. This is the one planet in the cosmos that has a flexible expression, meaning that the flavors you feel called to are likely multi-faceted. Sweet, spicy, salty — you usually fall somewhere in the middle of most things.


As the moon-ruled sign of the zodiac, you need foods that provide you with a sense of comfort. The flavors that you primarily enjoy are likely salty and slightly bitter; flavors that remind you of your childhood.

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As the vibrant, sun-ruled fire sign, you enjoy flavors that are rich and full of flavor. Nothing in your life is ever mediocre, and your taste in food is no exception. Anything with a bittersweet, spicy flavor is right up your alley.


You have certain standards for your food, but this doesn’t mean you’re not willing to try new things. Being ruled by Mercury gives you a sense of curiosity, with a preference for complex and layered flavors. As long as it’s not too overwhelming, you won’t complain too much.


Food is one of the many things you tend to enjoy, especially when you’re able to share it with your loved ones. As a Venus-ruled sign, you’ve got an affinity for sweeter, more savory foods — like candy. Anything that makes you smile the moment it hits your taste buds is your go-to.

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As the Mars-ruled water sign, you prefer your foods to pack a heavy punch. You’re an all-or-nothing kind of person, and prefer flavors that embody the same quality. Spicy foods that are full of flavor are your preference; the hotter the better.

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You seek freedom and adventure in your flavor palette, primarily seeking out foods that are sweet-smelling with a tinge of bitterness. For you, enjoying food is a part of experiencing life to the fullest, so as long as your food comes along with a cool experience, you’re all in.

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Others may describe your taste in food as a bit bland. Anything with too much salt or sugar isn’t your thing, but you do prefer foods that are bitter or sour. (Black coffee, anyone?) While you may not necessarily be adventurous with your taste buds, you prefer it that way, and don’t tend to stray too far away from your favorite foods.


Being ruled by Saturn, you enjoy foods that many people don’t typically like. Saturn rules over bitter and sour flavors, so you likely lean more toward these tastes. At least you don’t have to worry about anyone stealing your snacks.


You may or may not have a preference for seafood, but according to your ruling planet, Jupiter, you’re definitely a fan of bittersweet flavors. Jupiter’s all about any foods that are sweet or pleasant, so it’s important for your foods to be as delectable as possible.

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