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McDonald's and Burger King, two fast food spots that could be for your zodiac sign.

Each Zodiac Sign Has A Fast Food Spot That Satisfies Every Craving

TBH, McDonald's is never not the vibe.

Everyone has a go-to eatery — but have you considered what astrology may have to do with your food preferences? Though you may choose to eat at a different chain or franchise throughout the week, the No. 1 fast food spot for your zodiac sign will satisfy every craving.

Aries: Buffalo Wild Wings

(March 21-April 19)

If you’re looking for delicious wings and chicken fingers, Buffalo Wild Wings is a great option. As the fiery cardinal sign of the zodiac, you constantly crave foods that you’re able to eat in a hurry. BWW also has a wide selection of sauces when you’re in the mood for a little kick.