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Your September Horoscope Promises An Exciting End To A Busy Summer

Sept. 6 and 22 will be particularly eventful, so mark your calendars, fam.

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Though summer may be coming to an end, don’t expect life to slow down too much. Virgo season tends to prompt a lot of productivity for each sign, as everyone scrambles to get their lives together after a lively, active, and possibly strenuous three months. With all of that exhausting energy in the rearview, it’s time to reevaluate your priorities and make some adjustments if necessary. Since Virgo is a mutable earth sign, it shouldn’t be too challenging. Your September 2021 monthly horoscope actually promises a productive and efficient end to a busy summer.

The new moon in Virgo on Sept. 6 will be the perfect day to get your affairs in order, giving you the productive push you’ve been looking for before the season ends. If you’re worried about things getting monotonous and boring, rest assured, you’ll be back to prioritizing your social life once Libra season begins on Sept. 22. Since Libra is a cardinal sign, your desire to initiate new connections will be at an all-time high during the second half of September, so try not to be too bummed if responsibilities have been calling your name.

For more of what’s to come as we ease into fall, here’s what your zodiac sign can expect this month:


As a cardinal fire sign, Virgo season tends to prompt feelings of discomfort for you. You’re excellent at initiation, but Virgo season’s been tapping you on the shoulder and asking that you buckle down on your routines and responsibilities. Health and wellness are something you can’t ignore, and the new moon in Virgo on Sept. 6 will be the perfect day to start anew in that area.

Your relationships will begin to take precedence on Sept. 22, as the sun shines a light on your seventh house of relationships, marking a very “other-oriented” time for you.


This is a time for you to really shine, as the sun continues through your fifth house of creativity and self-expression. Since Virgo is a fellow earth sign, you can find productive, stable ways to express yourself creatively now. As Libra season begins on Sept. 22, you’ll begin to channel that energy into your work and daily routines. Since Libra shares your planetary ruler, Venus, you’ll be finishing out the month directing your attention toward building relationships in a way that’s efficient and productive.


Home and family matters have been a priority for you since Virgo season began back on Aug. 22, and as your chart ruler, Mercury, also travels through this sign, your mind is likely on your private life. As a curious, adaptable sign of the zodiac, Virgo season is providing you with some grounded energy while also complementing your Mercurial side. Now is the perfect time to get your home affairs in order, especially if you’re looking to move. Once Libra season begins on Sept. 22 though, the load won’t feel as heavy and you’ll be back to your creative, social self.


You’re in busybody mode now, which may feel a little stressful for you, being moon-ruled and all. Virgo is a sign all about fixing things, so you may be eager to assess anything in your life that isn’t working quite right, specifically in the area of communication and learning. Your third house is getting lots of love now, prompting you to tie up a few loose ends up before moving into a cardinal season again. Once Libra season comes around on Sept. 22, you’ll be right back where you want to be — home — as your fourth house gets some attention.


After a jam-packed summer, Virgo season’s purpose is to help you reorganize your money and financial matters. The new moon in Virgo on Sept. 6 will be perfect for conducting money rituals or setting money-oriented intentions, and with Mercury accompanying the sun, you’ll have your affairs in order in no time. Once Libra season begins on Sept. 22 things will become much more lighthearted, but for now, use this energy to get your affairs in order.


This is your season, Virgo, and you’ve probably been very busy since Aug. 22 kicked things off in your first house of self. This is your time to do what you do best: organize, learn, and ask questions. You prioritize efficiency in your life, and right now you’re fully equipped to take on any task. Despite your desire to “fix” other people’s issues, try and use this time to focus on yourself — you deserve it. The new moon in Virgo on Sept. 6 will serve as a reminder that you can’t pour from an empty cup, so be sure to prioritize yourself and your own needs on or around this day.


You’ve been in reflection mode since Virgo season began, and it’s likely been prompting you to retreat and assess your mental health. You tend to have a pretty active mind, and now is definitely a time to find ways to quiet your mind’s chatter. This is a season to do a deep dive inward, but it’ll be coming to an end on Sept. 22 when the sun moves into your first house of self. This will be a much more public, social time for you, so it’s important for you to use Virgo season as a way to prepare for what’s to come.


Virgo season’s been great for your social circles and networking abilities, supporting your desire to connect with others in a way that’s productive and efficient. Mercury’s transit through your 11th house has likely prompted your mind to be on collective affairs, so organizing friend hangouts or club meetups has been a great way to spend your time. Libra season will prompt a shift from this area to your inner world, so if you’ve been nearing burnout, Sept. 22 marks a period of rest and reflection.


Virgo season is an excellent time for you to showcase your skills and talents when it comes to your career, so be sure to step into the limelight this month. You’re someone who is naturally free-spirited and open-minded, but when it comes to your career, you really tend to prioritize perfection. The new moon in Virgo on Sept. 6 will reveal some exciting new opportunities for you, so be sure to lean into the new beginnings taking place here. As much as you don’t like to come off as overbearing, it’s important to take charge of your professional life and steer it in the direction you want it to go.


You’re someone who thrives during this time of year, when your ninth house of travel and spirituality are being highlighted by the sun in Virgo. You tend to prioritize your goals, but now is a great time to schedule a vacation, especially on Sept. 6. Broadening your horizons is a great way to avoid burnout, so if you’ve been working a bit too much lately, here’s your sign to take some time away to do some self-exploration.


Virgo season has been emphasizing your personal boundaries in relationships, and as Mercury continues to travel through your eighth house, it’s a great time to have any difficult conversations. You tend to take a bit of a detached approach, but this detail-oriented season is prompting you to double down on what your boundaries are. Once Libra season begins on Sept. 22, though, you’ll be feeling back to your normal self.


Your relationships have been emphasized since Aug. 22, as the sun moved into your opposite sign of Virgo. This is an excellent time for you to tend to any relationship issues that may have arisen, or a time to meet and mingle with new potential partners. The new moon on Sept. 6 will be all about new beginnings in relationships, so if you’re looking for a clean slate with a partner, this day will be perfect. Once Libra season kicks off on Sept. 22, your attention will shift to deepening these bonds, but for now, enjoy the new beginnings that are being initiated here.

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