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This Is Your Most Secret Fear, According To Your Zodiac Sign

It may not be easy for you to admit.

by Rosey Baker and Chelsea Jackson
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If you follow or study astrology, you've probably spent hours upon hours Googling and researching your sign and the qualities associated with it. You’ve probably wondered, “Is this really how I come off?” The interpretations available about each zodiac sign tend to take a positive approach 99% of the time, which can be very uplifting but can also feel a little too good to be true. Since there’s an array of information to be digested about the zodiac, it's not too often that you come across the not-so-fun facts about your zodiac sign, like your most secret fear.

Studying the weaknesses and not just the strengths of every zodiac sign — like your biggest fears and insecurities — can make astrology a more useful tool for everyone. A tool like astrology is great for allowing you to feel seen, but in order for it to fully resonate, you likely want your biggest secrets, fears, and doubts to be highlighted along with the positive, to fully understand how to grow and thrive as an individual. Talking about the things you’re most afraid of may not be easy to even admit to yourself, but here is your secret fear, according to your zodiac sign. Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me.

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Aries: Losing Their Independence

For an Aries, the only thing scarier than losing a fight is feeling like they can’t exercise their independence. Feeling tied down to anything in a way that cripples them is something that scares them so much that they will do anything to avoid it. This can oftentimes leave them alone, so it’s important for them to remember that life is meant to be shared with others. They can still maintain their independence without having to embark on their life journey by themselves.

Taurus: Financial Instability

Taureans love to be comfortable. They enjoy the simplest creature comforts: good food, good friends, a nice shag rug, a fireplace, and anything that contributes to a warm atmosphere. It's more than just a preference for comfort — there is a deep need to be surrounded by amenities. Because of this, they tend to prioritize materialism like money and resources. Taurus is a fixed earth sign, so they’re all about stability, so having to wonder where their next meal or paycheck is coming from can leave them feeling very uncomfortable. Since they’re all about comfort, it’s important that their fear of instability doesn’t leave them feeling stuck. Sometimes, change can be for the better.

Gemini: Making The Wrong Decision (And Being Stuck With It)

Geminis change their decisions, opinions, choices, and even their promises to themselves and others all the time. They change their mind because they often come across new information that changes their perspectives. This quality is what makes them appear flaky and unreliable, but in reality, they’re the best at adapting. As some of the best communicators of the zodiac, they prioritize being teachable in every area of their life.

Though, they can struggle with settling on a decision, leaving them uncertain of which path to take. The minute they settle on one choice, they tend to consider the other side, and it can really throw them off. Geminis must learn that there is no wrong decision, and to trust their gut. Seeing things through to the end is their biggest challenge, but it can provide them with so much more stability.

Cancer: Leaving Their Comfort Zone

Cancers are the ultimate agoraphobics. They like to stay in their safe zone, the place where no one can hurt them (and there are no surprises). The irony of agoraphobia — which is defined as “a fear of being trapped in places or situations where escape is difficult” — is that it takes the people who suffer from it prisoner.

Cancers might feel safer in a zone that they are used to, but the isolation that this creates isn't good for them. They need to learn to branch out, to do the things that scare them, and to go to places that are both physically and emotionally unfamiliar to them. They prioritize emotional security at all times, but this can cripple them if they’re noticing that they are missing out on the excitement that life has to offer. Stepping out of their comfort zone is their biggest fear, but opens them up to a world of possibilities.

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Leo: Being Ignored

If there is one thing Leo won't stand for, it's walking into a room unnoticed. Lucky for them, they know how to work with that fear in a motivational way. They make it almost impossible for people to ignore them, either through their wardrobes, their body language, or the way they express themselves. Most of the time, they use all three to gain the attention of those around them.

If you asked a Leo the old “if a tree falls in a forest” line, they'd answer confidently, “If no one's around to hear it, then nobody cares. The tree was a failure.” Good thing Leos do everything in their power to prevent themselves from meeting the same fate. Leos must learn how to acknowledge themselves, so they’re not always seeking external validation. Their self-worth shouldn’t falter simply because no one is paying attention to them, they are still worthy of love.

Virgo: Imperfection And Being Wrong

Since Virgos are earth signs ruled by Mercury, they’re all about solving problems in a way that’s efficient and perfect. They won’t settle for half-assed work — if they’re doing something, rest assured it’ll be done right. This can make them the perfect colleague or romantic partner, but it can also cause them an immense amount of stress. They’re extremely detail-oriented, so they tend to notice all of their own shortcomings. Virgos must learn how to take a step back and look at the big picture — every small detail isn’t worth obsessing over. When distracted by insignificant imperfections, you can easily let life pass you by. It’s important for them to remember what’s really important.

Libra: Being Alone

Intelligent, loving, passionate people, Libras are exceptionally good romantic partners. It's hard to imagine them spending their lives alone. It's especially hard for them to imagine it, but they do, all the time. Libras are ruled by Venus, so love and connection is always on their mind. They simply can’t envision a happy life without someone by their side, and this can often cause them to be codependent.

Libras tend to jump from relationship to relationship because of the fear of being by themselves, so it’s important for them to prioritize their alone time as much as they can (even when in a relationship). If you’re a Libra and you find yourself in a constant cycle of getting in and out of relationships, take some time for yourself.

Scorpio: Vulnerability

Scorpios are emotionally intense and private individuals. They like to keep their cards close to their chest, not letting people in unless they feel comfortable enough to do so. It usually takes them a long time to fully trust people because of their fear of getting hurt, which can actually block them from making the deep connections that they crave. Since they’re so sensitive, they try their best to conceal it — but it’s pretty obvious to everyone around them how emotional they are. In order for Scorpios to conquer this fear, they have to start letting people in, even if it feels vulnerable. Opening yourself up to love and intimacy is always risky, and they shouldn’t have to miss out because they’re afraid to let people in.

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Sagittarius: Being Limited

Sagittarians are natural explorers. They love to travel the world in search of their personal truths, and need their freedom to roam as they please. Their biggest fear is feeling constricted or tied down to any place or person. They need to be able to up and leave without giving anyone any explanation. Since they’re ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, they’re constantly looking to expand and broaden their horizons. Trying to confine a Sagittarius simply won’t work — they will literally run away from you. Their fear of security can oftentimes backfire though, leaving them feeling unstable and lost. Sagittarius people have to obtain some sort of security in their lives, without thinking that they’re giving up their freedom.

Capricorn: Failure

Capricorns happen to be very business-minded people. They’re highly goal-oriented, and prioritize success over everything. The downside of their ability to climb the ladder to success is a deeply embedded fear of failure. They set ridiculously high goals for themselves, and if they fall short, they can be extremely hard on themselves. Their fear of failure is what makes them so successful, but they can oftentimes lose sight of what brings them genuine joy because they work so much. Capricorns have to learn how to work tirelessly toward a goal in order to feel productive. In fact, their relationship with “productivity” as a whole needs an overhaul. Instead of prioritizing work, they need to discover what truly makes them happy.

Aquarius: Losing Their Individuality

Aquarians are the rebels of the zodiac, meaning they love to adhere to their own unique views and opinions. They will fiercely defend their views, and have an inclination to lean toward unpopular opinions. They like to go against the grain intentionally in order to feel different. They have a disdain for tradition, but it can be their saving grace. It’s important for Aquarians to remember that having traditional views doesn’t make them any less unique.

Pisces: Losing Their Imagination

The Peter Pans of the zodiac, Pisces live in a fantasy world where they just don't want to grow up. They’re the idealists of the zodiac, prioritizing their dreams and aspirations in a way that’s creative and inspiring. Since they're ruled by expansive Jupiter, they’re always looking for something new to believe in. Pisces individuals prioritize their imagination and creativity so much at times, they can lose touch with reality, so it’s important for them to incorporate a sense of realism in their ideals in order for their dreams to be obtainable. Finding a balance between dreaming the dream and taking the steps to bring them into fruition is ultimately the most effective method in order for them to succeed.

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