Young woman smiling during Scorpio season 2021, which will be lucky for her zodiac sign.

Scorpio Season Will Actually Bring A Lot Of Luck To These 3 Zodiac Signs

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One of the most talked about zodiac sign seasons of the year is here, and it’s definitely not one that’ll just fly under the radar, because Scorpionic energy tends to grab your attention. After a very long Libra season (thank you, Mercury retrograde), we’re finally moving on to a deeper, more emotionally intense time, courtesy of Scorpio season. That means goodbye Venus (Libra’s planetary ruler), and hello Mars (Scorpio’s planetary ruler). This fixed water sign energy is one that you either love to hate, or hate to love. Either way, you will be affected — some more than others. But don’t worry, it’ll be in a good way for a select few. Scorpio season 2021 will be the luckiest for Taurus, Cancer, and Scorpio in particular, so these three signs better buckle up, because things aren’t slowing down for them anytime soon.

Scorpio season is all about emotional intensity, but don’t be fooled. This doesn’t mean you’ll actually be sharing your feelings with anyone, you’ll just be feeling them intensely. This is a time where vulnerability may not be your go-to, but in order to establish deep, intimate relationships with others, it’s a necessity. While many of the zodiac signs may not work well with this energy, Taurus, Cancer, and Scorpio will. Here’s what each sign can expect:

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As the sister sign to Scorpio, your fixed energy will be enhanced this season, and the watery nature of Scorpio will complement your earth sign characteristics beautifully. As the sun travels through your seventh house of relationships, this is a time where you’ll be focusing much of your attention on your connections, and Scorpio season will allow you to create deeper, more in-depth bonds. Intense emotional attachment may be something that feels a bit out of your comfort zone, but as the pleasure-seeking sign of the zodiac, this time of year will provide you with the feelings you didn’t even know you longed for, and your partner will be eager to participate.


Being a fellow water sign, Scorpio energy doesn’t intimidate you like the other signs. In fact, you tend to thrive during this time. As the sun travels through your fifth house of romance, pleasure, and self-expression, you’ll be feeling eager to explore the intricate emotional dynamics of any new potential love interests during this time, as well as be able to channel this energy creatively. You are someone who always knows exactly how you’re feeling, and Scorpio season will allow you to double down on your maternal instincts. Since Scorpio is a bit more of a subtle sign, you’ll feel as though you have a better grasp on your feelings so that they don’t make all of your decisions for you.


This is your time to shine, Scorpio, so be sure to soak it all up. Your emotionally intense nature is fully supported during this time, and it’s likely that you rarely ever feel so much like yourself. Everyone’s getting a taste of the energy that you know all too well, so you won’t have to explain yourself much or feel misunderstood. The sun moving through your first house of self is placing a spotlight on you. Whether you want the attention or not, you’re even more magnetic than usual at the moment. Expect more attention, but also expect to be able to handle it with ease. You possess an energy like no other, and your season is the perfect time for it to be acknowledged and appreciated.

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