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Mercury Retrograde Is Officially Over For The Year, And Every Sign Is Thriving

Believe me, you’ll feel the difference.

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Whenever Mercury stations retrograde, I always think to myself, “This time, it’s not going to affect me one bit” — and every single time, I’m proven wrong. Mercury retrograde just has a way of making life so much more difficult, regardless of how prepared you think you are. When this pesky transit is underway, you have a tendency to say inappropriate things at inappropriate times, experience inconvenient travel delays, mess up major assignments at work, and make any number of annoying mistakes. However, you’ll be so excited to hear about the way Mercury retrograde fall 2021 coming to an end will affect every zodiac sign, because believe me, you’ll feel the difference.

The planet stationed retrograde on Sept. 27 and Mercury will go direct on Oct. 18. This particular retrograde took place in cardinal air sign Libra, which means this retrograde impacted your intellect, your communication style, and your relationships. Libra is a zodiac sign that’s always aiming to create peace, harmony, and balance, but when Mercury is retrograding through Libra, you may find that creating a drama-free environment isn’t as easy as it sounds. Libra also has a tendency to avoid conflict at all costs, preferring to be passive-aggressive instead of direct. This lack of transparency could create more problems in the long run, proving that Libra’s policy of pretending everything is fine and dandy isn’t always the best one.

However, once Mercury retrograde comes to an end, you might have a much better grasp of your ability to be honest and straightforward about your feelings. You might also have a better understanding of your ability to let bygones be bygones and squash beef with those you’ve had issues with.

Here’s what this retrograde coming to an end means for your zodiac sign:



You’ll come away from the retrograde experience with a better understanding of where your relationships stand. You may gain wisdom regarding your ability to be a better partner to others, as well as your ability to choose better partners. Take your relationships to the next level of maturity, commitment, and love.


You’ve learned so much about how you can balance your work with your need for rest. In fact, this retrograde might have taught you how you can organize and prioritize your tasks in a more streamlined fashion. Come away from the experience with a daily routine that brings out your better qualities.


This retrograde may have clarified a few things in your love life. It could have given you a better understanding of why certain love stories had to come to an end. It may have also rekindled romances that were never truly over. However, this retrograde ultimately reconnected you with your love for romance.


The idea of “home” can be hard to define, but this retrograde could have encouraged you to look at home in a brand-new light. After all, home is not a place; it’s a state of mind. Family doesn’t necessarily mean the people you share blood ties with. Family can also encompass the loved ones you’ve chosen in this life.



This retrograde brought your attention to your communication style. This retrograde might have taught you to listen more carefully, to speak more clearly, and to think before you take action. A moment of patience and critical thinking can make all the difference when it comes to making the right move.


You only have so much income at your disposal and this retrograde taught you how to use your finances more effectively. You may leave this retrograde behind with a desire to improve your level of financial planning, budgeting, and goal-setting. Let the experience show you how to turn $1 into so much more.


There are many facets to your personality. This retrograde likely took you on a strange journey that revealed all the many layers of who you are. As you leave this retrograde behind, you may come to terms with the person you’ve been as you look forward to the person you’re becoming. However, don’t forget to honor the person you already are.


You’re letting go of so much baggage. All of the things that you’ve been holding onto, repressing, or feeling guilty about may have come up during this retrograde. However, it also gave you the chance to actually feel your feelings so that you can finally heal those feelings. Embrace a new spiritual start.



This retrograde revealed who your friends really are. You might have found yourself reconsidering the communities and groups you associate with. You may have even reconnected with old friends you lost touch with. By the time this retrograde is over, you may have a renewed understanding of how you connect with a crowd.


You may have experienced a few hurdles in your career during this retrograde. However, by the time it’s over, these challenges may reveal the truth of what you really want to achieve with your time and effort. As this retrograde comes to a close, you may come away with a renewed commitment to your professional goals.


This retrograde may have taken you to some unexpected places, challenged your perspective, and tested your faith. By the time this retrograde comes to an end, you’ll likely have a much different understanding of the ideas and philosophies you know to be true. Your belief systems could have possibly even embraced a total overhaul.


Your boundaries were challenged by this retrograde. You may have found that you were too emotionally dependent in a way that demanded more independence. However, you could also have come to realize that you’re too guarded, making it harder to let others in. Let your heart let you know exactly what it needs.