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You Only Have 1 More Mercury Retrograde Left To Get Through This Year

Here’s how your sign will handle it.

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In astrology, there’s nothing more confusing than Mercury retrograde. This is the be all, end all of strange things that can happen in the sky. It’s known for creating unsettling innuendoes, miscommunications, and even the reappearance of your ex-lovers. There’s a reason that Mercury retrograde is almost universally loathed by everyone who’s a fan of astrology, but believe me, it’s not all bad. In fact, once you realize how Mercury retrograde fall 2021 will affect your zodiac sign, you might come to find that it can help you solve a multitude of problems (so long as you’re willing to embrace the wild ride).

Mercury is the planet of communication and cognitive function, which is why serious conversations tend to feel extra uncomfortable during its retrograde. It’s also the planet of trickery, so don’t be be surprised when it makes things difficult just for the sake of being difficult. However, all a retrograde essentially means in astrology is that the energy of the planet in question is being inverted. This is why a planetary retrograde can leave you feeling disconnected to its usual source of power, making you work harder and perhaps encouraging you to look inward.

This particular retrograde begins on Sept. 27 at 25 degrees Libra and it ends on Oct. 18 at 10 degrees Libra. Because Libra is such a relationship-oriented zodiac sign, you may feel its disorienting affects in your love life and in your friendships. Libra is also inherently graceful, balanced, and coordinated, which means this retrograde could leave you feeling less “together” than ever. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you make an awkward social faux pas at a dinner party or lose your footing while walking down a staircase in your favorite high heels.

Here’s how you might feel this retrograde, according to your sun, rising, and Mercury sign:

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You may feel confused about where your relationships stand. Unsettled issues you may have with loved ones and partners may arise, causing you to finally rethink the terms that stand between you. Now’s the time to address conflicts that were never truly solved, as well as interpersonal patterns that need breaking.


You may feel even more disorganized and energetically drained than usual. This retrograde can bring up issues relating to your daily routine, as well as your perspective of wellness. Take this time to reconsider the decisions you make that relate to your health and your work. It’s time to get your priorities and your plans in order.


This retrograde could make it feel difficult to connect with the things that usually bring you joy. However, it may reveal that you’ve outgrown certain outlets for pleasure and you’re ready to try new hobbies. Let this retrograde show you that joy can be created through a multitude of ways, so don’t talk yourself out of expressing yourself in new ways.


You may feel rather emotional during this retrograde. After all, it’s bringing up deep-seated issues relating to your family and home life. Prepare for discomforts in your sacred space and complications in your relationship with close loved ones. This retrograde is your opportunity to finally address the problem that’s hurting your heart.

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You may stumble into a few awkward conversations during this retrograde. Take time to look over emails before you press send, think twice before speaking, and keep communication as simple as possible. It’s possible you may say the wrong thing at the wrong time, but if you do, go easy on yourself. Just try to communicate with kindness and direction.


During this retrograde, it may be wise to think your financial decisions through. You may come to regret any major commitments with your money, especially if you don’t read the fine print. Your financial decisions from the past may even come back to haunt you, reminding you to be even more careful with your resources in the future.


This retrograde could affect you in any number of ways, but the most significant way it could impact you is by causing you to rethink your identity. Be cautious when making impulsive decisions about your appearance (so it may not be the best time to change the color of your hair). Instead, take time to honor the many ways you see yourself.


You may feel pulled deeper into your own private world during this retrograde. Solitude and introspection will take you through many strange new places, so honor what your inner world is telling you. However, make sure to remind yourself that your thoughts, dreams, and imagination are not who you are. Some things are simply strange and nothing more.

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You may find yourself reconnecting with old friends and communities during this retrograde. You may even feel like you’re drifting apart from the people you associate with currently. This retrograde is causing you to rethink your position in your social cliques. Remember that who you spend your time with says so much about how you’ll grow.


You may feel especially disconnected from your career during this retrograde. You may even experience a few professional setbacks. However, the struggle is only temporary. In fact, it’s helping you remember the goals you’re supposed to be focusing on. Don’t let pipe dreams steam away your focus from what you really want to accomplish.


This retrograde may take you down some strange journeys. It may even make you feel lost at times. There’s no roadmap for where this retrograde will take you, but it has the power to open your perspective and show you how to have faith in the unknown. Embrace the idea that you’ll always find your way back home.


This retrograde could bring up intimacy issues in your relationships. You may feel as though you’re sharing too much with someone (or not enough). You might feel as though you’re too attached and you need more independence. Either way, this retrograde may encourage you to finally discuss your feelings and create a solution.

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