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Your Saturn in Pisces horoscope spells big things for every zodiac sign.

Your Saturn In Pisces Horoscope Spells *Big* Things For Every Sign

It's the biggest astro event of the year (— maybe even the next three)!

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Have things felt incredibly rigid for the last three years? From lockdowns to protests, things haven’t exactly been smooth sailing for quite some time. Though astrology isn’t to blame, the planets can certainly offer an understanding of why things have been so tense. The primary source of pressure from a cosmic perspective is due to Saturn — planet of karma and discipline — drifting through the fixed air sign of Aquarius since 2019. Saturn tends to point to where some of the world’s biggest obstacles lie; in a sign all about detachment, reform, and innovation, there’s been increased concern about how to set new, inclusive rules within society. Fortunately, Saturn will be taking on a much different task for the next three years, as the ringed planet steps into the mutable water sign of Pisces this month, and your Saturn in Pisces horoscope will reveal how.

Saturn in Aquarius taught the world an important lesson: Sometimes, distance and restraint can actually save lives. But now, as Saturn shifts into the boundless, copious sign of Pisces, boundaries will begin to slowly thaw, allowing every sign to dream big, outside of the conforms of rules and regulations that have been strongly asserted since 2019. However, since Saturn always aims to bring reform to the sign it’s traveling through, it promises to bring structure to the area of your life where things have been in disarray. Expect a major decrease in control and an increase in imagination, fantasy, and escapism.

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When Does Saturn Move Into Pisces?

On March 7, 2023 at 8:03 a.m. EST, Saturn will be freed from the confines of Aquarius, and shift into the flexible, versatile sign of Pisces until Feb. 13, 2026. This will bring forth a period of building systems and plans in the Pisces-ruled house of every zodiac sign, an area where customs and regulations tend to be be abstract and ever-changing. The last time Saturn traveled through this sign was in 1996, making this the first time Saturn is entering this sign in 27 years. If you have Saturn in Pisces in your birth chart, this also marks the beginning of your Saturn return (*cue groans*). This will be a period of establishing boundaries in areas where you’ve tended to experience difficulties. By the transit’s end, you’ll have a much more grounded, established system in place to help actualize your biggest hopes and dreams.

Saturn won’t be alone during its murky journey through the waters of this sign. Neptune — planet of fogginess, confusion, and deception — will be co-present with Saturn during its entire trip through this sign, so discipline, order, and control won’t exactly be easy to implement during this period. While those who have Saturn in Pisces natally will feel the effects of this transit more than others, every zodiac sign will be impacted by Saturn’s return to the sign of the fishes for the first time in over two decades.

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Here’s how your zodiac sign will be impacted by Saturn in Pisces:

Aries (March 20 - April 19)

On March 7, Saturn will shift into your 12th house of isolation and introspection, bringing structure and routine to how you prioritize your mental health and peace of mind. If you’ve been lacking a sense of discipline in your routines, trust me, this three-year transit will provide you with the stability that you need. The dreams you have will finally be actualized, but not without some important sacrifices that must be made on your part. Daydreaming can only get you half-way there.

Taurus (April 19 - May 20)

After a three-year period of building structures and embracing responsibility in your career, Saturn will be shifting into your 11th house of friends, social groups, and networks on March 7 until 2026. During this period, you’ll find that your obligations amongst your peers may increase. This could lead to you forming new clubs or alliances, or setting some essential boundaries in this area. While this may be an area where stress increases, by the end of this transit, you’ll be glad for the new regulations in this area.

Gemini (May 20 - June 21)

On March 7, Saturn will shift into your 10th house of career and public image, bringing increased responsibilities and the need for boundaries to the forefront in this area. This could lead to an increase in duties in your profession, or the actualization of dreams and aspirations you’ve had for your vocation. As someone who prioritizes flexibility and freedom in many areas of life, this transit is bound to offer some stability and structure where it may have been absent. Don’t worry, though — you’ll still be able to be creative, just with more of a routine in place.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

As Saturn shifts into Pisces this month, you’ll experience increased responsibilities and regulations in your spiritual pursuits and quests for higher wisdom. This is an area where you tend to embrace freedom and idealism, and as a result, you may find that your sacred practices lack necessary structure. Fortunately, from now until 2026, you’ll be slowly building customs and rituals here that will allow you to reach new heights in your mystical endeavors.

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Leo (July 22 - Aug. 21)

On March 7, Saturn will shift into your eighth house of boundaries, shared resources and assets. From now until 2026, you’ll prompted to implement some structures and boundaries where you tend to lack them — specifically when it comes to your finances, and how you split your time, energy, and riches with others. This will be a crucial period for your relationships, Leo, and while drawing a line in the sand may feel strange at first, you’ll definitely benefit from the newfound system that’s being built here.

Virgo (Aug. 21 - Sept. 22)

This month, Saturn will shift into your seventh house of romantic relationships and partnerships, increasing the level of lucidity and responsibility in this area of your life over the next three years. This transit will bring some of your hopes and ideals to fruition in your love life, but it will require an increased level of boundary setting and not-so-fun conversations at the same time. This transit can go one of two ways — it can mark the start of a long-term, serious relationship, or a period where you’re setting new boundaries and limits in love, prompting a period of isolation. Either way it plays out, by the end of Saturn’s journey through this sign, you’ll have more stability here than ever before.

Libra (Sept. 22 - Oct. 21)

On March 7, Saturn will exit Aquarius and move into the mutable water sign of Pisces, bringing structures and increased responsibilities to your habits, routines, and rituals. This tends to be an area where you oftentimes go with the flow, but over the next three years, you’ll be called to establish some effective systems and regulations when it comes to your daily practices. This transit also indicates increased focus on your health and wellbeing, making this a great period to care for your body in a much more refined, structures way.

Scorpio (Oct. 21 - Nov. 22)

This month, as Saturn shifts into Pisces, you’ll experience an increased level of responsibility and desire for structure in your creative pursuits, passions, and love life. While this tends to be the area where you lack organization, Saturn’s journey through your fifth house is bound to offer some stability, along with a supportive dose of reality in this area. Whether this means you’ll be taking artistic hobby more seriously or shifting your approach to dating and intimacy, you’ll have a much more clearly defined approach to pleasure and satisfaction by this transit’s end.

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Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21)

As Saturn moves into Pisces on March 7, the desire to actualize your dreams and aspirations in your home and family life will be highlighted until 2026. This could signify an increase in responsibility in this area of your life, such as moving homes, or expanding your own family, but no matter what it is, you’ll finally have some structure and refinement in place in your natural habitat. As someone who tend to prioritize plenty of freedom, this transit may feel somewhat limiting — but ultimately, it’s creating necessary boundaries in order to support your hopes for your familiar stomping grounds.

Capricorn (Dec. 21 - Jan. 20)

On March 7, Saturn, your chart ruler, will finally shift out of Aquarius, after a three-year stint in this sign. As Saturn steps into the flexible, ever-changing sign of Pisces until 2026, you’ll be called to explore structure and boundaries in a much different way — particularly when it comes to communicating your thoughts and ideas. You’ve always been an abstract thinker, and Saturn’s journey through this sign will offer supportive structures and systems to allow you to actualize some of your concepts. It’s the perfect time to take up creative writing, reporting, or podcasting — anything that allows you to solidify your perspectives.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 21)

This month, Saturn will finally leave your first house of self-expression, after traveling through your sign since 2019. Saturn changing signs is bound to release some of the internal pressure you’ve been feeling pertaining to identity, and will now seek to add structure and stability to your money, resources, and possessions. From now until 2026, Saturn will travel through your second house, bringing some of your dreams and aspirations to down to earth when it comes to your finances. This is a time where you may notice an increase in monetary responsibilities, or a period of increased budgeting and boundary-setting — an area where you’ve possibly struggled to draw a line prior.

Pisces (Feb. 21 - March 20)

This transit is certain to affect you more than anyone else, Pisces, as Saturn shifts into your first house of identity and self-expression until 2026. As Saturn moves through your zodiac sign, you’ll feel an increase in personal responsibilities and the need for boundaries and structure. As the free-flowing sign of the zodiac, you’re not always eager to follow rigid rules, but Saturn’s journey through your sign is offering you a much-needed reality check. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t still dream big — instead, it’s allowing you to actualize some of the ideals you have for yourself that appeared to be out of reach. If you’ve been struggling to buckle down and get serious, trust me — this transit is here to help.

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