5 Planets Will Be Retrograde This July, But It’s Not All Bad

It won’t be as scary as you think.

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No matter what may be going on in astrology, there are always retrogrades to deal with. Although the word “retrograde” may bring up a whole lot of anxiety — and let’s be real, sometimes, retrogrades really suck — it’s important to remember that planetary retrogrades aren’t inherently a bad thing. There’s almost always one planet that’s retrograde, which is enough evidence that things don’t always go wrong during them. If you’re wondering what planets are retrograde during July 2021, don’t be alarmed, because five planets are embarking on their backward spiral across the zodiac. Luckily, you’ll survive.

Not all retrogrades are created equally. Sometimes, you might not even notice that a planet is retrograde. The impact of a retrograde comes down to a combination of a few things: Will the retrograde make contact with your birth chart? Will it take place in a difficult astrological house? And is the planet in question an inner planet or an outer planet? The last distinction is incredibly important to July’s retrograde extravaganza. If a planet is considered an inner planet (Mercury, Venus, and Mars), then its retrograde will likely be felt more strongly, due to the fact that inner planets affect your life on a closer and more short-term basis. If a planet is considered an outer planet (Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, etc.), then there’s a chance you might not even feel its retrograde. Outer planets are already retrograde nearly half of the year and they impact you gradually, over a longer period of time.

The good part? Every planet that will be retrograde during July is an outer planet. Here’s what you might experience:

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5 Planets Will Be Retrograde In July 2021

Jupiter (June 20 to Oct. 18)

Jupiter is a planet that stands out — it rules over boldness, growth, spontaneity, and adventure. Whatever Jupiter touches inevitably becomes bigger. However, when Jupiter is retrograde, its usual excitement and exuberance becomes tempered, and a period of contemplative inner expansion is initiated. As Jupiter retrogrades through spiritual Pisces (until it reenters Aquarius on July 28), you may feel more introspective this month and open to healing.

Saturn (May 23 to Oct. 10)

Saturn is a planet that lays down the law. It’s no wonder this planet is known as the patriarch of the zodiac, because it encourages you to build discipline and become more responsible. You get a bit of a break when this heavy-handed planet stations retrograde, as though your strict father is going away on a business trip. However, during this time, you’re encouraged to return to the drawing board and start rebuilding yourself.

Neptune (June 25 to Dec. 1)

Neptune is a planet that is more considered with dreams than real life. In fact, Neptune is the planet that helps you connect with your imagination and your creativity. However, it can also leave you feeling disoriented, spaced out, and at times, even delusional. With Neptune retrograde underway, some of your fantasies and false ideas may start to fade away. This retrograde can be incredibly illuminating as you recognize the parts of reality you’ve been ignoring.

Pluto (April 27 to Oct. 6)

Pluto is the planet of creation and destruction (and rebirth). It’s a sneaky planet that contains your darkest and most ruthless impulses. It comes as no surprise that Pluto also rules over your ability to control, manipulate, and seek power. That’s why, when Pluto is retrograde, power structures can start to crumble. During this time, you may feel more aware of the ways you exert dominance over others (and the way others exert dominance over you).

Chiron (July 15 to Dec. 19)

Chiron is the planet — or, rather, the asteroid — of your deepest wound and your life-long attempt to heal that wound. As Chiron moves through the zodiac, it evokes experiences that may trigger your emotional sensitivities. These experiences also allow you to build so much strength through the process. But when Chiron is retrograde, it gives you a chance to process these healing experiences and come to terms with your innermost vulnerabilities.

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