Young woman who's luck is about to change when Jupiter retrogrades on June 20, 2021.

Jupiter’s In Retrograde, Which Means Your Luck Is About To Change

Things might seem less colorful for every sign.

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Astrology all begins with the planets, and within this language of cosmic divination, each planet has a personality of its own. Some planets — such as Mars and Saturn — are dark, cold, and formidable. These “malefic” planets are designed to challenge you and help you tap into your inner power, and their methods are not always for the faint of heart. To balance out the ruthless intensity of these planets are the ones that guide you toward the light. These “benefic” planets rule over pleasure, love, abundance, and everything that feels easy and enchanting; one planet stands out among them all, shining in all its hopeful glory: Jupiter. Known as the “Greater Benefic,” Jupiter literally rules over luck. That’s why Jupiter retrograde 2021 is something you should pay attention to, because it can have quite the impact on your perspective.

Jupiter is a planet that’s always interested in making things larger than life and a lot more exciting than they were before. It’s a planet that’s way more concerned with living life to the fullest than following the rules. In your birth chart, Jupiter reveals where some of your natural talents lie, as Jupiter can give you a mystical boost toward success, happiness, and confidence. If Jupiter were a person, they would be your fun and hilarious friend who’s willing to pick you up whenever you’re having a rough day and take you on a spontaneous adventure.

However, astrology is rarely ever black and white, and its shades of gray are what make it so interesting. After all, Jupiter isn’t always as happy-go-lucky as one would think. Jupiter also has its low points, its chaotic moments, and its days when it just feels “blah”. When Jupiter stations retrograde on June 20, you may feel like things seem slightly less colorful. Here’s why:

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Jupiter Retrograde 2021 (June 20 To Oct. 18)

Have you noticed that ever since Jupiter entered Pisces, things are starting to seem more hopeful? That’s because Jupiter rules over Pisces, and when it made the move into its home zodiac sign on May 13, Jupiter started to feel a whole lot more comfortable in its own skin. Jupiter loves being in spiritual, compassionate, and imaginative Pisces; a zodiac sign that is as boundless as it is free. In Pisces, Jupiter can astral project to different realms and spread love near and far.

This transition is an obvious and keenly felt one, because before Jupiter was in Pisces, it was in Aquarius, a zodiac sign that inhibits Jupiter’s spunky and carefree proclivities. Let’s not forget Aquarius is ruled by disciplinary, authoritative, and serious Saturn, a planet that represents everything Jupiter is not. While in Aquarius, Jupiter’s usual expression became tempered and measured.

When Jupiter stations retrograde on June 20, it will begin its steady trek backward, and eventually, it will reenter Aquarius on July 18. This essentially means that Jupiter retrograde will cause Jupiter in Pisces to be a somewhat short-lived transit. You’ll have to wait until Dec. 28 before Jupiter will enter Pisces once again, where it will remain throughout 2022.

There’s still something to be gleaned from the Jupiter retrograde experience. Although it will subdue the raw and unfiltered excitement of Jupiter, it will also cause you to focus on inward growth and inner expansion. Jupiter retrograde may be a less wild and rapturous time, but it does encourage you to heal your ability to receive the gifts that Jupiter wants to bring you. Before you can truly soak up the positive vibrations, you must be in the right headspace to embrace them. Let Jupiter retrograde be your opportunity to refine your headspace and your understanding of Jupiter’s power that exists within you.

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