Young couple in love during Jupiter in Pisces 2021, which will be lucky for every zodiac sign.

Your Jupiter In Pisces Horoscope Will Bring You Luck And Love

Make the most of it.

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In astrology, Jupiter is known as The Greater Benefic. This essentially means that Jupiter wants to bring you an excess of blessings and excitement. After all, this is the planet of adventure, expansion, and boundlessness I’m talking about here. This larger-than-life planet will always encourage you to squeeze every last drop out of the present moment and enjoy it to the fullest. It encourages you to tap into your confidence, your vitality, and your passion for whatever brings you joy. If you’re looking for a reason to get excited, look no further than the fact that Jupiter is now in the sign of its rulership, Pisces, which means that plenty of awesome things are on the way. Your Jupiter in Pisces 2021 horoscope is here to define all the blessings it will bring you.

While in Pisces, Jupiter feels comfortable in its own skin. Pisces is a zodiac sign of compassion, spirituality, imagination, and artistic expression, which are all things that Jupiter can get behind. While in Pisces, Jupiter will help you break away from inhibition, negative thinking, and whatever may be separating you from a more profound connection with all the splendors that life has to offer.

This shift will feel incredibly revitalizing, mostly because while Jupiter was in the preceding zodiac sign, Aquarius, Jupiter’s capacity for excitement was somewhat subdued. This is because Aquarius is ruled by Saturn — planet of discipline, restriction, and stoicism — which is the exact opposite of what Jupiter stands for. While Saturn is serious, Jupiter is in the mood to party. While Saturn wants to take a measured approach, Jupiter wants to go all out with a bang.

Jupiter entered Pisces on May 13 — but you’re still only getting a taste of what’s to come. While Jupiter usually spends nearly a year in each zodiac sign, Jupiter will only remain in Pisces until July 28. The reason for this brief stay is that on June 20, Jupiter will station retrograde, and on July 28, it will retrograde back into Aquarius for the time being. It’s not until Dec. 28 that Jupiter will reenter Pisces for a second time, infusing your 2022 experience with so much luck and abundance. Think of this short stint in Pisces as a chance to catch a glimpse of all the ways you’ll grow in the future to come. Make the most of it, because this may be the most exciting and enjoyable part of summertime.

Here’s what you can expect, according to your sun and rising sign:

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Aries: You’re Expanding Your Spiritual Awareness

You’re exploring your inner world while Jupiter is in Pisces. This could encourage you to start healing your emotional core through therapeutic techniques, helping you let go of excess baggage that has been causing you inner turmoil. You may experience so many profound epiphanies about your subconscious and what you’re feeling within.

Taurus: You’re Tapping Into Your Power As A Leader

While Jupiter is in Pisces, it will encourage to reach out and connect with other likeminded people and form a stronger network. You may even feel as though you’re leading others toward a common goal. This is a powerful time to show your colors as a warrior for justice, generosity, and philanthropy. You’re making your community a better place.

Gemini: You’re Becoming More Connected To Your Career Goals

You may be tapping into your ability to be a business genius while Jupiter is in Pisces. This transit will encourage you to expand your career goals and put more effort into making your professional dreams a reality. Expect to receive promotions, job offers, and opportunities to show your talents in whatever your chosen field may be.

Cancer: You’re Being Given New Opportunities And Experiences

Jupiter in Pisces could feel like a breath of fresh air for you. This transit will encourage you to break away from the monotony of life and do something extraordinary. This is a beautiful time for (safe) travel, cultural exchange, and educational expansion. Not only are you opening your mind, but you’re also opening your heart to all life has to offer.


Leo: You’re Embracing Inner Healing And Transformation

As Jupiter enters Pisces, it will encourage you to go deeper. It will encourage you to uncover the depth within your heart, your mind, and your ability to overcome adversity. This transit could expand the emotional richness of your relationships and help you let the love in. However, it could also evoke challenging experiences that help you rise from the ashes and transform.

Virgo: You’re Forming So Many New Friendships And Relationships

You’re about to make so many new friends. After all, Jupiter in Pisces will send so much love to your relationships, encouraging you to enrich them with love, commitment, and enthusiasm. If you’re single, this is a beautiful time to meet someone you see a future with. If you’re already in a relationship, this could be when you finally take things to the next level.

Libra: You’re Learning How To Become More Dedicated And Prolific

As Jupiter enters Pisces, it may inspire you to become more committed to getting the most out of your daily routine. It may help you become motivated to banish procrastination and put more effort into your goals. It may also encourage you to place more emphasis on your health and overall well-being. Use this transit to make practical yet profound improvements.

Scorpio: You’re Discovering Your Ability To Be Creative And Artistic

Prepare to feel totally inspired to do whatever makes you happy. Jupiter in Pisces will help you tap into your ability to be a creator. You may feel like spending more time on your creative projects and remembering what an artist you are. You may even feel like falling in love. Either way, Jupiter in Pisces will remind you how good life can truly be.


Sagittarius: You’re Nurturing Your Personal Life With Love And Care

This transit may encourage you to return to your roots and remember where you come from. It could also inspire you to create a home you love returning to after a long day at work — a home that’s filled with family, love, and all the things that bring you comfort. Jupiter in Pisces is spreading warmth throughout your personal life. Let it thaw whatever feels cold.

Capricorn: You’re Unleashing The Power Of Your Voice

Jupiter in Pisces is encouraging you to speak your truth. During this time, you may feel way more talkative and opinionated than usual, as this transit is inspiring you to share your intellect with the world. It may also bring out the more rational and studious aspect of your mind as you indulge in learning new things and challenging what your mind is capable of.

Aquarius: You’re Tapping Into Your Ability To Expand Your Wealth

Jupiter in Pisces could lead to so many unexpected and satisfying financial windfalls. There’s no doubt that your bank account will love this transit. However, aside from the surplus of cashflow, this transit is also about creating habits, budgets, and financial goals that allow you to strengthen your ability to provide for yourself. Rake in all that extra dough.

Pisces: You’re Embracing An Infinite Amount Of Personal Growth

No one will feel more blessed by Jupiter in Pisces than you. It’s concentrating all of its positive and uplifting energy directly toward you, Pisces. This transit could help you become more confident and committed to your own growth as a person. There’s nothing you can’t accomplish and nothing you can’t become if you set your mind to it.

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