Young woman with glasses standing outside during Neptune retrograde 2021.

Every Zodiac Sign Will Be Affected By Neptune Retrograde — Here’s How

Time to remove your rose-colored glasses.

Masha Raymers/Getty Images

It’s easy to fall for illusions; daydreams offer a reprieve from life's boring aspects. While fantasies can help, they can also leave you disconnected. Like it or not, Neptune retrograde 2021 will affect every sign by removing your rose-colored glasses and revealing your reality.


Neptune is the planet of dreams and fantasy; it’s also the planet of deception, because Neptune can convince you of anything. From June 25 to Dec. 1, Neptune will station retrograde in Pisces, pulling back the veil that may have led you to believe in something that isn’t real.

Don't panic — Neptune spends nearly half of each year retrograde, which means you are a seasoned veteran. This slow-moving outer planet tends to evoke change over time, so expect it to steadily reveal all the ways you’ve fallen for your own fantasies.