Young woman breathing deeply as she prepares for the retrograde planets in April 2023.

What Planets Are Retrograde April 2023? Your Problematic Fave Is Back

Deep breaths, everyone.

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I hope you enjoyed the retrograde hiatus, because the backwards event will officially be reintroduced to the cosmos in the coming weeks. Gah. If you’re in need of a recap, there hasn’t been a single planetary retrograde since January. No Mars rx, no Venus rx, and definitely no Mercury rx — nothing. Mind you, as much of a relief it’s been to basically everyone (the effects from Mars retrograde lasted a looong time, fam), things have still been moving at high speed, especially given the recent spring equinox and astrological new year momentum. Depending on how you look at it, the one and only planetary retrograde in April 2023 could mark the perfect time to catch your breath... or cause even more chaos.

What Is A Retrograde?

A retrograde takes place when a planet slows down in the sky, appearing to retrace its steps through the zodiac. Retrogrades often cause delays and setbacks in the sign they’re occurring in, and tend to affect the planet’s ability to express itself normally. When an inner planet (i.e. Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn) stations retrograde, you’re guaranteed to feel the effects. This can cause difficulties when it comes to, say, conveying important information during Mercury rx. Think: issues receiving texts and emails, trips being postponed, and social media crashes. Instagram and Facebook are notorious for going down during Mercury retrograde, because the planet of communication spares *nothing*.

Fortunately, when outer planets like Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto station retrograde, you’re much less likely to experience a flight cancellation, due to how far away these planets are from Earth.


What Planets Will Be Retrograde April 2023?

This month, Mercury will station retrograde for the second time this year, marking an important period of review, refinement, and renegotiation. Although Mercury retrogrades are incredibly common, they still find a way to be somewhat of a nuisance, particularly when it comes to communicating effectively. Fortunately, unlike January, Mercury will be the sole planet retrograde this month, so there shouldn’t be too much chaos. BUT, this retrograde is right on the heels of the first eclipse of 2023, so April’s energy is bound to feel a bit disorderly.

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What To Expect From April 2023’s Retrograde Planets

Mercury Retrograde (April 21-May 15)

On April 21, Mercury will station retrograde in the fixed earth sign of Taurus at 15 degrees, bringing forth a period of revisions, reevaluations, and reflections in everyone’s birth chart. Mercury retrograde is a time to rethink ideas, perspectives, and viewpoints that you’ve been uncertain about, to get a better understanding of how you’d like to move forward. In the security-oriented sign of Taurus, Mercury’s concerned with establishing a strong sense of stability. However, as the planet of communication retrogrades through this sign, it may not feel incredibly easy to do so. While change may not be easy now, it’s important not to become too rigid with what brings you comfort, particularly when it comes to your mindset. Be sure to consider the different ways that you can obtain the ease and comfort you seek, because it may be in a way that you haven’t thought of before.

The Taurus-ruled house in your birth chart is where you can expect the most upheaval, especially since Mercury will be conjunct Uranus, the planet of disruption and sudden change, when it stations. This area of your chart is where you tend to crave the most consistency in your life, so it may not feel super comfy embracing adjustments here — at least until Mercury stations direct on May 15. Try to remain as flexible as you can now, even if you feel like what’s familiar to you is changing. Sometimes that’s exactly what you need.

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