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The One Tree Hill Character For Your Sign Will Give You Peace Of Mind

For when you want to be anything other than what you've been trying to be lately.

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It’s been a hot minute since One Tree Hill was the quintessential teen drama of the moment. The series finale aired in 2012, and television hasn’t been the same since. Thankfully, for all those times when you’re feeling nostalgic in front of your TV or laptop, you can still stream all the episodes on streaming services like Hulu Plus or the newly dubbed Max (formerly HBO Max). But for all those times when you’re on the road with just your phone, you can either look at a map of OTH filming locations or scroll to find the One Tree Hill character for your zodiac sign. In this particular instance, chances are you’re looking for the latter.

The coming-of-age drama that skyrocketed Chad Michael Murray, James Lafferty, Hilarie Burton, and Sophia Bush to stardom still induces peak 2000s nostalgia. One of the many things that makes the former CW show continue to reign supreme: the redeeming character arcs. (We’re looking at you, Nathan Scott.) Since many of the main characters remained on the show throughout its nine-season run, you got to see them as they navigated the highs and lows of living in a small town. With so many personalities, emotions, and plot twists, your list of faves probably changed a lot. But the Tree Hill resident that resonates most with your zodiac sign will always do you a(n un)kindness. IYKYK.

Aries: You’re Peyton

The CW

Peyton was the OG angsty teen of the early 2000s, which makes her the baby of the zodiac by default. Not only was she incredibly independent and emotionally resilient, but she was unapologetically herself throughout the entire series. While she probably experienced the most ups and downs of all the characters, she displayed a level of strength that only cardinal fire signs like yourself could embody. She also started her own record label called Red Bedroom Records, a name that couldn’t be more Aries.

Taurus: You’re Lucas

The CW

Soft-spoken and thoughtful, Lucas gave off major Taurus vibes. Aside from being pretty chill and laid-back (despite having plenty of reasons not to be), he cared deeply about his family, friends, and, of course, basketball. Then there was the whole love triangle fiasco, which a Venusian like yourself could probably relate to. #sorrynotsorry

Gemini: You’re Jamie

The CW

Not exactly who you had in mind, Gemini? Your choice character will make so much sense in a moment. Chatty and never *not* curious, you’re always eager to engage in stimulating conversations with others, like Nathan and Haley’s son; Jamie was always dropping gems of wisdom and enlightening everyone around him. Accept it. Embrace it. Then share your insights with the world.

Cancer: You’re Haley

The CW

Nothing says big mom energy like Jamie’s mama. Haley takes the cake as one of the most caring, supportive residents of Tree Hill, which is so Cancerian. She went through plenty of hard life lessons that could’ve hardened her, but remained kind and genuine from start to finish. Through plenty of ups and downs, she was a consistent anchor to those around her, something that cardinal water signs encapsulate with ease.

Leo: You’re Nathan

The CW

Nathan had one of the best character arcs on One Tree Hill, so it comes as no surprise that he embodies Leo characteristics. While he started off incredibly cocky and territorial in Season 1, he developed into an amazing husband and father as the show progressed. Since Leos are natural-born leaders, they care deeply about how they impact others. So much so, they can sometimes care a little too much about what others (like *cough* Dan Scott *cough*) think of them. But hey, Nathan was able to have his happy ending once he remained true to himself — hopefully the same could be said for you.

Virgo: You’re Karen

The CW

Karen was easily a Virgo, due to her incredible parenting and communication skills. She was the voice of reason for Lucas and his friends whenever they needed it, which is something that you can probably relate to. You’re always willing to lend a helping hand; others may take your accommodating nature for granted at times, but you’re not one to hold a grudge over it.

Libra : You’re Brooke

The CW

Brooke Davis and Libras go hand in hand, because they’re social butterflies. Throughout the series, she prioritized her partnerships and connections with others, a major Venusian quality. She was also incredibly popular, which is most likely your jam too without even trying. Brooke even started her own clothing line, Clothes Over Bros, a name only a Libra could come up with.

Scorpio: You’re Dan

The CW

While he definitely didn’t have the best character arc of One Tree Hill, Dan showed some major Scorpio traits throughout the show’s run. Passionate and private, he was someone who felt his feelings deeply, something you have in common. You’re also willing to absolutely anything for who you love, something Dan displayed in his relationship with his grandson, Jamie.

Sagittarius: You’re Quinn

The CW

Always the life of the party, Quinn could only be a Sagittarius. As the free-spirited sign of the zodiac, you’re always looking for your next adventure (even if it means returning back home and leaving your ex-husband behind). You see life as an endless journey, and not a destination, which is a mindset that tends to keep you in good spirits.

Capricorn: You’re Keith

The CW

Keith Scott (RIP) was a natural provider. Taking care of his loved ones was often a top priority, and he took his responsibilities very seriously, which you can very much appreciate. You’re always so set on your tasks, even if the road ahead may be laborious, something Keith displayed until his (untimely and infamous) demise at the end of Season 3.

Aquarius: You’re Mouth

The CW

You dance to the beat of your own drum, Aquarius, something you and Mouth have in common. Mouth was often considered an outsider in high school, but was still incredibly well-known, a dichotomy you epitomize better than anyone. You’re not afraid to go against the grain, even if it means you’re doing it on your own.

Pisces: You’re Deb

The CW

Empathetic and idealistic, you always try to see the best in people, a quality you share with Deb. Others may underestimate you at times, but your intuition is always on point. You care deeply about the treatment of others, and are always there to be a shoulder to cry on for those you love.

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