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3 Signs May Find That Monsters, Ghosts, And Ghouls Actually Exist IRL This Month

Seriously, WTF??

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Fall symbolizes the spiritual act of letting go. After a lush, lively summer, autumn arrives to commence the natural process of death and decline. Leaves turn brown and orange, detaching from their branches and drifting to the ground. The air begins to chill, reminding you to slow down and prepare for winter. The days grow shorter and the nights become longer. Despite how beautiful this cyclical shift can be, it’s not always easy, which is one reason why October 2021 will be the worst month for these zodiac signs — Aries, Virgo, and Pisces — but don’t worry. They’re resilient and they’ll survive.

The month begins with the sun in fashionable, diplomatic, and relationship-oriented Libra. Although this season can be wonderful when it comes to creating new friends, connecting with your artistic side, and even gaining a new crush, it has its drawbacks. After all, this cardinal air sign has a tendency to care so much about preventing conflict that they tend to avoid picking sides altogether. Libra is also known for sacrificing substance for the sake of style, so beware of giving your superficial side a little too much control.

By Oct. 23, the tides will turn as the sun enters fixed water sign Scorpio. This will increase the emotional energy, encouraging you to prioritize passion over peace and truth over pleasantries. As this zodiac sign radiates throughout the Halloween season, you may come to find that monsters, ghosts, and ghouls aren’t just found in the latest horror flick, but also IRL. Scorpio season does have a tendency to bring out people’s devilish side.

Here’s why these zodiac signs might struggle this month:

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Aries: You May Have Some Dramatic Revelations About Your Relationships

This month, Mercury will retrograde through your seventh house of partnerships until Oct. 18. You may be forced to reckon with the truth that exists between you and another person. Perhaps the relationship has changed and it’s time to rethink the terms. Maybe you’re outgrowing the relationship altogether. Things will likely reach a head around the full moon in Aries on Oct. 20, when your true feelings surface in a major way. Don’t fight the way you feel; instead, try acting upon your feelings in a way that feels constructive rather than destructive.

Virgo: You May Feel Unstable And Ungrounded At Times

With Mercury, your ruling planet, in the midst of a hazy, confusing retrograde until Oct. 18, you may feel like this month is off to a rough start. This retrograde takes place in your second house of stability, self-esteem, and of course, disposable income. You may feel as though you’re not as anchored or grounded as you would like to be, prompting you to rethink your perspective of what you need and don’t need. Money-related issues may become a more pressing matter, encouraging you to set new financial goals to guide you forward.

Pisces: You May Be Going Through Your Own Personal Crisis

You’re a heavily emotional water sign, which means you’re no stranger to feeling the blues. And until Oct. 18, Mercury will retrograde through your eighth house of death and rebirth, which could cause conflicts you thought you were over and done with to become a problem all over again. This retrograde could also bring up intimacy issues, as well as difficulties surrounding your ability to enforce boundaries in your relationships. All in all, it may feel as though you’re going through a strange transformation this month, but you’re becoming stronger right before your very eyes.

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