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The May 2023 Black Moon's Spiritual Meaning Is About Your Comfort

Treat yourself.

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When’s the last time you treated yourself? Thanks to recent cosmic events, it’s probably been a while. Not only is Mercury retrograde just now coming to a close, but the heaviness of eclipse season is also still hanging in the air. Your plate has likely been filled with tasks and to-dos, but as the next new moon nears, things are finally taking a turn for the better. In fact, as the sun and moon conjoin in the fixed earth sign of Taurus this month, you’ll finally be prioritizing your own comfort, satisfaction, and pleasure, making the spiritual meaning of the May 2023 Black Moon all about spoiling yourself with life’s luxuries.

What Is A Black Moon?

A Black Moon has many different meanings, but this month’s is considered to be a seasonal Black Moon. This means that this is one of four full moons during the spring season, which is fairly uncommon, and only takes place about once every 33 months. Since not every new moon is considered to be a Black Moon, this lunation in particular is considered to be pretty rare. It’s also an ideal time to set some intentions, since it marks the start of a new lunar cycle.

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When Does The May 2023 Black Moon Take Place?

On May 19 at 11:54 a.m. EST, the sun and moon will conjoin at 28 degrees of Taurus, bringing new beginnings to the Taurus-ruled house in everyone’s birth chart. Since this new moon is ruled by Venus in Cancer, everyone will feel a strong desire to prioritize not only their material needs, but their emotional needs as well. Now is the time to focus your efforts on establishing long-term security in the physical realm — through food, money, sustenance, etc, while also listening to what your intuition is telling you that you need on an instinctive level. If you’ve been feeling unstable or scatterbrained due to Mercury retrograde, this new moon is bound to mark a significant moment of clarity, especially in the area of your chart that Taurus rules over. Just be sure not to over-emphasize the material side of life so much that you lose sight of where true security comes from, which is ultimately from within.

This new moon is the perfect time to set intentions around values, assets, and resources — any of the must-haves that make life simpler. This is a fortunate time to take a closer look at your finances, to make sure that you not only have the funds to treat yourself now, but the stability that can sustain you for years to come. You deserve to feel taken care of, and this lunation is a reminder that you’re not asking for too much by desiring safety.