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Libras And Cancers Make An Incredible Team

Here’s why these two zodiac signs are MFEO.

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Cancers make incredible friends. Not only are they compassionate, emotionally intelligent, and nurturing, but their companionship tends to feel like a warm and fuzzy blanket that you never want to put down. They actively strive to take care of the people they love, but it’s not so straightforward when it’s with creative, intellectual Libra individuals. These partnership-oriented souls are all about connection, and when they’re paired with the nurturing energy of a Cancer, this can easily be a recipe for a match made in heaven. Cancer-Libra friendship compatibility tends to be high because of their instinctive desire to prioritize the people they love, but at the end of the day, Cancer is a water sign, and Libra is an air sign. Taking this dynamic at face value, some may wonder if these two zodiac signs actually get along. I’m here to hopefully clear up some of the confusion.

Air and water aren’t exactly the most perfect mixture of elements, but because Cancer and Libra share the same cardinal modality, they may have a higher chance of making their friendship work. They each take initiative in different ways: Cancer initiates emotional stability, and Libra initiates connection and partnership. When these qualities are shared in a friendship, it can easily make for a balanced, pleasant relationship — but can a sensitive water sign understand the adaptable, detached nature of an air sign?

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1. Cancer And Libra Have A Very Different Approach To Emotions

As a water sign, Cancers are incredibly sensitive and can easily become defensive if they feel like their emotions aren’t being acknowledged. Libra, however, is an air sign, and approaches emotions in a very different way. They are highly affected by the emotions of those around them, and often times adopt other people’s emotions as their own. Cancer is definitely the more emotionally aware friend in this dynamic, but their emotional needs can easily be transferred to their Libra BFF. In order for this friendship to work, Libra must learn how to separate their own emotions from the emotions of others, no matter how much Cancer tries to make Libra responsible for their feelings.

2. Unlike Cancer, Libra Has A Difficult Time Establishing Deep Bonds

Air signs tend to be pretty light on their toes. They thrive in situations that require a bit of detachment, which usually works in their favor. Water signs, however, live for intense emotional bonds, which is often the driving force in their relationships. Cancer may at times feel as if Libra is a bit too aloof for them, when in reality, Libra simply likes to keep things fun and playful. Cancers often feel the heaviness of their own emotions pretty strongly, and Libra may often times fail to hold emotional space for Cancers the way they need. In this dynamic, this duo will have to remember how differently they handle emotions and find a way to meet in the middle. Luckily, Libra is excellent at mediation and will strive to find a way to keep Cancer happy.

3. Cancer Is Ruled By The Moon While Libra Is Ruled By Venus

Both of these signs have rulers that complement the other. The moon signifies our emotions, and Venus signifies our love language, and how we establish connection in our lives. With Cancer and Libra each being ruled by a planet that pairs well with the other, it makes it easy for them to understand where the other is coming from, even if it’s a bit different than how they’d handle things. This compatibility definitely works in this duo’s favor, and can help this relationship stand the test of time when communication or emotions are causing conflict. At the end of the day, Venus signifies unity, and Cancer signifies nurturing. Together, they make an incredible team, and can support each other with ease.