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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have A Magical Week, Thanks To The Full Moon

They’re unleashing their powers.

If life feel stagnant, as though everything is dragging on and taking forever to get interesting, you’re definitely not imagining it. In astrology, retrogrades tend to slow things down, and you happen to be dealing with two of the most dizzying retrogrades of all. The retrograde planets in question? Venus and Mercury, of course. Revealing unresolved conflicts and bringing your attention to what needs fixing, this double whammy might be totally bumming you out. However, the zodiac signs who will have the best week of January 17, 2022 — Cancer, Aquarius, and Pisces — have a lot to celebrate and they’re not letting anything rain on their parade.

The main highlight of the week? The full moon in Cancer, which is spreading infinite levels of magic across the night sky on Jan. 17 at 6:48 p.m. ET. Whenever a full moon rises in Cancer, it becomes that much more special. In fact, it’s special when the moon simply enters Cancer, regardless of its lunar phase. After all, the moon rules over loving, empathetic, and psychic Cancer, and in this cardinal water sign, the moon can utilize the furthest reaches of its power. And if you embrace it, this particular full moon could bring you like the emotional validation you’ve been searching for.

By Jan. 19, another exciting astrological shift will brighten the skies. This is when the sun will enter edgy and trendsetting Aquarius, helping you tap into your intellect and embrace attitudes that go against the grain. This fixed air sign is always off in it’s own world, daydreaming of alternate realities. Not only are you more likely to believe in aliens during Aquarius season, you’re also more likely to become one too.

If you’re one of the following zodiac signs, this week could feel like a UFO ride. Here’s how to make the most of it:

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Cancer: You’re Embracing Who You Are And Who You’re Becoming

You’ve been dealing with a lot of conflict and uncertainty lately, thanks to the fact that Venus — planet of love — has been retrograding through your partnership sector since last month. This has likely made you think a lot about the way other people fit into your life and the way you fit into theirs. However, this week is about you and what *you* want. As the full moon in Cancer raises your vibration and reveals your deepest strength, it’s reminding you to love and nurture who you are to your core. Everything else might be temporary, but you? You’re forever.

Aquarius: You’re Feeling More Powerful And Confident In Yourself

Aquarius season has officially arrived, bringing your strongest qualities to life. The astrological energy is suited to your strengths and you’re remembering all the reasons you have to feel confident. However, your solar return may feel slightly more complicated and confusing than you might like. Mercury retrograde has been spinning backwards through your zodiac sign, encouraging you exercise your ability to learn, communicate, and pay attention. Although you may feel like this retrograde is making you more forgetful and scatterbrained, you’re also challenging your mind in so many new ways.

Pisces: You’re On The Verge Of A Beautiful Creative Breakthrough

This week is bound to be beautiful, especially for you. After all, the upcoming full moon takes place in your fifth house of creativity and self-expression, kicking your desire to be seen into gear. This full moon will encourage you to make a mess, use brighter colors, and play like the world is your playground. You may be an adult, but your inner child never dies, and on this full moon, you’re fully encouraged to set that part of you free. Do what makes you happy and forget the rest.