One For The Money, Two For The Show
Travis Kelce has shown his love for Taylor Swift with extravagant gifts.

How Much Travis Kelce Has Spent On Presents For Taylor Swift (So Far)

Elite Daily breaks down the confirmed and reported gifts.

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Taylor Swift is feeling “so high school” with boyfriend Travis Kelce, but the it couple’s spending habits are far from what the budget of two sophomores in love would look like. If you add up all the gifts that Kelce has reportedly gotten Swift since the two started dating last year, you’re basically looking at the cost of a Netflix subscription for the rest of your life.

When you’re the highest paid tight end in the NFL, you can afford to splurge on presents for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and just because, but it’s still a little surprising to see Kelce’s total bill when the everyday person probably considers a $6 latte a “treat yourself” expense.

It’s also interesting to see what the three-time Super Bowl champion has gifted his billionaire girlfriend. It can’t be easy to shop for the woman who has seemingly everything already, but it looks like the Tortured Poets Department singer enjoys the basics anyone would want from their lover: flowers, accessories, and custom-made jewelry.

Not counting all the private plane trips to Swift’s various Eras Tour shows around the world and $10,000 villas for romantic getaways, here’s a list of every gift Kelce has reportedly gotten the “Blank Space” crooner (that Swifties know about, anyway):

CONFIRMED: A Coordinating Tennis Bracelet

Back in December, Kelce approached Simone Kendle of Wove Made Inc. to create a custom tennis bracelet for Swift and himself. In an interview with People, Kendle shared that this project came together in just three days.

Since Swift’s birthday is on Dec. 13, it’s likely that this was her birthday gift, which she later wore to Kelce’s AFC Championship game on Jan. 28.

The 14K yellow gold bracelet featured the letters “TNT,” likely for Taylor and Travis, along with 4.62 carats of lab-grown diamonds. Kelce got himself a similar bracelet to coordinate, but it was slightly larger for the athlete with 10.12 carats.

A golden Custom Diamond Friendship Bracelet from Wove Made Inc. starts at $5,680, but Kelce allegedly spent a bit more on Swift’s custom design.

Total: $6,360

REPORTED: Christian Louboutin Shoes & A Matching Bag

According to The Sun, Kelce reportedly splurged big time when celebrating his first Christmas with Swift. The two were spotted together at one of his Kansas City Chiefs games on Dec. 25, but are said to have exchanged presents — including a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes and a matching bag — at home.

The $3,995 heeled boots and $5,990 purse give off major Lover vibes with rainbow crystals, and are definitely something Swift would wear because she lovesss herself some Louboutins. Her Eras Tour style includes a few custom boots from the brand, so she’s used to wearing them while singing and dancing.

Total: $9,985

REPORTED: A Reputation-Like Leather Jacket

While the purse and shoes may have been Lover-coded, another one of Kelce’s reported Christmas gifts for Swift was a leather jacket that has more Reputation vibes.

The Ferragamo jacket in question was custom-made for the Grammy winner, and reportedly cost $6,000. Sadly, this special outerwear isn’t available to purchase, but you can find something similar for $5,100 online.

Total: $6,000

REPORTED: A Nod To TTPD, Perhaps?

Kelce’s final gift to Swift for the holidays was reportedly an 18K yellow gold Cartier watch.

The multi-hyphenate’s Tortured Poets Department style has featured watch chokers, so this watch could have been a nod to her then-upcoming release.

Total: $22,300

REPORTED: Parisian-Inspired Roses

For Valentine’s Day, ahead of Swift’s first Eras Tour show in Australia, Kelce gifted the “Fortnight” singer red roses, like a lot of boyfriends do on the most romantic holiday of the year.

But, according to The Sun, the New Heights podcast host’s bouquet included 250 Eternity roses that are meant to last at least a year. These forever blooms from Venus et Fleur come in a Parisian-inspired hat box, and cost more than $2,000.

Total: $2,199

REPORTED: One More Forever Rose

As if those 250 flowers weren’t enough, Kelce also reportedly got Swift a crystal rose sculpture for V-Day.

The Perigold eternal rose comes in red and gold, blue and silver, or pink and gold, each for over $3,000. Swifties’ best guess: Kelce chose the red and gold option, aka Kansas City Chiefs’ colors.

Total: $3,090

REPORTED: A Black Beret For The “Paris” Singer

As someone who enjoys stylish accessories, Kelce also got Swift a Dior beret for Valentine’s Day. Since the couple has been spending their spring in Europe at Italian villas, a Parisian hat is a cute accessory for Swift to wear around town.

This black lambskin beret even fits Swift’s current Tortured Poets Department aesthetic.

Total: $1,050

REPORTED: A Designer Bag

A purse is also a great gift idea for your girlfriend, and Kelce has the budget to splurge on a designer one like this bag from Bottega Veneta.

This $5,500 purse was reportedly gifted to Swift for the heart-filled holiday as well. Some people are lucky to just get a card, while the former country star is over here getting the entire department store.

Total: $5,500

REPORTED: An Hermès Shawl

Kelce reportedly continued the trend of European gifts on Valentine’s Day, possibly a nod to the international leg of the Eras Tour. To go along with her French beret, the 34-year-old football player also got Swift a shawl from French luxury brand Hermès.

“He wanted to show her how much he cares about her and the upcoming months to come as they will travel together all over the world,” The Sun wrote at the time.

Total: $1,300

REPORTED: A Celine Straw Hat

And the French theme continued, as the V-Day gifts reportedly ended with a straw hat from yet another French luxury brand.

To wear when they’re lounging by the lake or going out on a boat, Kelce reportedly got Swift a straw hat from Celine. The hat she allegedly received was wide-brimmed, which is great for those extra sunny days in the cruel summer.

Total: $1,100

REPORTED: More Celebratory Flowers

On April 19, when Swift released her 11th studio album, The Tortured Poets Department, Kelce allegedly sent his girlfriend 11 bouquets of her favorite flowers.

The bill for all 11 bouquets was reportedly around $7,500, and the deliveries are said to have included orchids, hydrangeas, and white roses.

Total: $7,500

REPORTED: A Diamond Bangle & Then Some

For TTPD release day, “The Alchemy” BF also reportedly presented Swift with a $5,600 gold bangle from premier diamond brand De Beers.

The cherry on top was a matching set of $4,800 hoop earrings — bejeweled, of course.

Total: 10,400

CONFIRMED: Kentucky Derby Giftables

Right before his “electric” time with Swift in Paris, Kelce attended the Kentucky Derby on May 4, where he picked up a few more gifts. The six-foot-five stud was given a $1,495 limited-edition Derby Gold and Diamond Horseshoe Necklace from S. R. Blackinton’s co-owners to present to his love.

Since Kelce is known for picking up matching jewelry, he also got her a pair of $625 Wishing You Good Luck earrings. With Swift about to start her European leg of the Eras Tour, a good luck charm was definitely a sweet gesture.

Total: $2,120

REPORTED: Aaand Some Other Bougie Presents

Swift kicked off her European leg of the Eras Tour in Paris on May 9, which included a new Tortured Poets set with nods to Kelce. In honor of the momentous occasion, he reportedly got her some Parisian-themed gifts.

The first was eight boxes of macarons from Maison Pierre Hermé. One box of 24 macarons is around $91, so for eight, that’s about $728 in total.

Total: $728

REPORTED: Classy Chanel Accessories

To finish off his Parisian offerings, Kelce got Swift a Chanel bag and sunglasses.

The chained $1,840 shades have a high-class vibe, and perfectly match the $10,300 2.55 handbag the tight end purchased as well.

Total: $12,140

Overall, Travis Kelce Doesn’t Need To Buy Paper Rings For Taylor Swift

This is likely just a fraction of the gifts and expensive gestures that Kelce has paid for while dating Swift, which is a bit shocking for the average person’s budget. The blonde star made it very clear in her song “Paper Rings” that she likes “shiny things,” and Kelce said “bet” — and it’s been a love story ever since.

GRAND TOTAL: $91,772

($89,652 if you dock the $2,120 worth of jewelry gifted from S. R. Blackinton.)