During the latest episode of his 'New Heights' podcast, Travis Kelce raved about Taylor Swift's Eras...

Travis Said Taylor’s New Eras Tour Set “Is On A Whole 'Nother Level”

He’s been to 5 shows now, so he knows what he’s saying.

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When Taylor Swift resumed her Eras Tour on May 9 in Paris, fans were stunned to see how much the set had changed. So far, the singer has revived the tour with new dance routines, stage designs, and tracks from The Tortured Poets Department. (Yes, the album now exists outside the scholarly halls of Swiftie University.) Swift also included a few nods to her boyfriend Travis Kelce, who recently complimented her performance as “absolutely unbelievable.”

On May 15, Travis gushed about the Paris show on his New Heights podcast. He began the conversation like a Swiftie tour promotor, encouraging fans to go see the show’s new additions for themselves. “I had a blast at Tay’s show. It has a handful of [Tortured Poets Department] songs in the new show, which means there’s a new segment, lights, dancing — new everything to the f*cking show,” Kelce told his brother and co-host, Jason Kelce.

Travis didn’t share his thoughts on Swift’s 87 tribute to him. However, Jason asked his brother a more important question: “You’re now up to five concerts that you’ve seen. You’ve been to Kansas City, Argentina, Australia, Singapore, and now Paris. How does Paris compare to all of these other wonderful shows?”

Travis praised the Paris concert to a high degree. “Dude, I don’t know if they’re just getting better or if I just keep forgetting how they are. It was electric in there,” he said.

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Travis gave the other stops their flowers, too. “Kansas City showed out. Argentina was unbelievable. Australia, they partied with the best of them, and they celebrate with the best of them. Those three were unbelievable. Singapore was so unique and so fun,” he said, before once again complimenting the Paris show as being “on a whole ‘nother level.” Yeah, he must’ve been in awe of those newly-added Kelce-coded Easter eggs.

Travis then gave a final bow to the tour, telling Jason that he’s proud of Swift and her entire team. “I’m happy for everybody that’s in the Eras Tour that’s performing, from the dancers to the band and obviously Taylor. It just looks like they’re having so much fun up there, and they’re absolutely killing it. They’re putting on a show that you won’t get anywhere else,” he said.

It’s clear: The new version of the Eras Tour is Kelce-approved.