Taylor Swift included shoutouts to Travis Kelce during her 87th Eras Tour show.

Taylor Packed Her 87th Eras Tour Show With Travis Easter Eggs

His reactions were priceless.

A new lucky number has been added to the Swiftie lore. Every Taylor Swift fan knows the importance of 13 to the pop star, as well as frequently referenced numerals like 22 and 1989, but now she’s also embracing 87 in honor of her boyfriend Travis Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs jersey number. So when the 87th Eras Tour concert came around on May 12 in Paris, France, Swift made it extra special with a ton of shoutouts to her BF ranging from subtle gestures to incredibly obvious wardrobe and song choices. Even better — Kelce was in the crowd to witness all the loving signals.

On Swift’s fourth show in Paris, Kelce was spotted dancing along in the audience alongside Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper. With her boyfriend present, Swift emphasized the numerological connection to him: “Can you believe this is our 87th show?” she mused on stage. Throughout the night, Swifties took special notice of the singer blowing kisses towards Kelce and staring lovingly at his section.

The nods to Kelce weren’t just contained in subtle moments, though. The most evident tribute to Swift’s boyfriend was a wardrobe change — the singer’s two-colored outfit for the 1989 section was yellow and red that night, the signature colors of Kelce’s football team.

Michael Owens/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

She also gave Kelce some lyrical love, changing a line in “Karma” from “karma is the guy on the screen” to “karma is the guy on the Chiefs,” something she’s done at previous shows Kelce has attended.

As if all that wasn’t enough, Swift made her Kelce-coded concert even more special by singing “The Alchemy” as one of her surprise songs. The newly released track, which is laden with football references, is widely believed to be inspired by her love story with Kelce.

Swifties had already picked up on some allusions to Kelce in previous Eras performances, mainly in the choreo for “So High School,” but all these new special winks to her boyfriend made Swift’s 87th show one of the most romantic ever.