Gemini and Virgo friends are some of the most intelligent zodiac pairings.

Gemini-Virgo Friendship Compatibility Is Based On Intellectual Exchange

These are two of the smartest signs in the zodiac.

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If you’re wondering whether you and your BFF are astrologically compatible, the answer is never just a simple yes or no. That’s because there’s so much nuance and complexity in the art of synastry (aka the method of analyzing how one one person’s birth chart affects another’s). While there are many ways that you and your bestie are a match made in zodiac heaven, chances are there are also ways that you challenge and annoy each other. I mean, this is a relationship, after all. So if you’re wondering about Gemini and Virgo friendship compatibility, let me tell you: It’s complicated.

To put things bluntly, Gemini (May 21 to June 21) and Virgo (Aug. 23 to Sept. 22) have a tendency to irritate each other. These two zodiac signs form something called a square in astrology, which is an aspect that tends to create tension, frustration, and conflict. A square occurs when two zodiac signs are sitting 90 degrees apart. It also takes place when two zodiac signs are of the same modality (i.e. cardinal, fixed, and mutable). Because Virgo and Gemini both happen to be mutable signs — which means they’re adaptable, open-minded, and ready to multitask — they can have a hard time pinning each other down. When you put two mutable signs together, it’s hard to get on the same page because they can both be so naturally jittery and distracted.

However, there’s so much more to the story, and while a square can make things difficult, it can also create chemistry and excitement. Here’s what you should know about this fascinating pair:


Gemini & Virgo Friendship Compatibility

1. Both Gemini And Virgo Have The Best Sense Of Humor

Despite all their differences, if you put a Gemini and a Virgo in the same room, you better bet they’ll have everyone laughing within minutes. After all, they’re both ruled by Mercury, the trickster of astrology, and this planet loves witty repartee, gossip, awkward innuendos, and straight-up silliness. While Gemini loves to embrace self-deprecating humor, Virgo loves to make people laugh with their cleverness. Together, they’ll be laughing until they’re crying.

2. Virgo Wants To Stay Grounded While Gemini Wants Adventure

However, one small problem for Gemini and Virgo is they often want different things and approach things in different ways. While Mercury-ruled Virgo would rather plan ahead, stay organized, and extrapolate details, Gemini prefers to fly by the seat of their pants, embrace the spontaneity of the moment, and move from one idea to the next. These zodiac signs can often have totally opposite M.O.’s, which could leave both of them feeling annoyed with each other’s antics.

3. Gemini Moves At The Speed Of Light While Virgo Takes Things Slow

Gemini is a flighty, capricious, and lighthearted air sign while Virgo is a practical, stubborn, and logical earth sign. Unlike Gemini, who would rather move as fast as the wind, Virgo much prefers to embrace the slow shift of ground beneath them. Virgo may find it hard to keep up with Gemini at times and Gemini might find it hard to sit still with Virgo.

4. Virgo And Gemini Are Most Likely Attracted To Each Other’s Intellect

One thing that these two zodiac signs have in common is how intelligent they both are. Gemini is an encyclopedia of random facts and a conversationalist that could leave anyone feeling mesmerized. Meanwhile, Virgo is a scientist, a poet, and an eternal student. This sign is someone who gets obsessed with a subject and learns everything there is to know about it. Together, Gemini and Virgo feel like they’ve found someone who’s equally as smart as them, meaning there’s never a dull moment.

Are Gemini And Virgo Compatible?

TL;DR: Chameleon Gemini and detail-oriented Virgo are two of the smartest zodiac signs, which can make things... interesting (read: volatile). Though their personalities may clash on occasion, any kind of relationship between them — whether it be romantic or platonic — will be invigorating.

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