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This Is The Most Volatile Aspect In All Of Astrology, So Check Your Birth Chart

Arm yourself for a cosmic battle.

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If you’re a novice student of astrology, you probably know about the basics, such as the zodiac signs, the 12 houses, the planets, and the aspects. However, when it comes to the aspects, it can get a lot more complicated than a simple conjunction, square, trine, or opposition. In fact, there are even planetary aspects that involve three (or more) planets at a time. When a multi-planetary aspect takes place, it means that something intense is brewing in the sky. If you’re wondering what a T-Square is, then prepare to learn about one of the most impressive things that can happen in astrology.

Essentially, a T-Square takes place when two planets form an opposition (or sit 180 degrees apart from each other). Then, a third planet comes along and forms a 90-degree square with both of these planets, launching a major battle between the three of them. If you look at an astrological chart that involves this combative aspect, you can see how it literally looks like a T when this takes place, hence the name.

The opposition and the square are two aspects that are both incredibly rife with aggressive and conflicting energy. But when these aspects combine to form a T-Square the intensity truly drives up a notch. And if we’re being dramatic here, you can think of a T-Square as a cosmic battle. Which planet will come out on top? Only time will tell.

However, there are still so many beautiful things that can happen when a T-Square takes place. If you have a T-Square in your birth chart, it means you were literally born with an immeasurable source of power. Here’s what you should know:

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A T-Square Is One Of The Most Intense And Volatile Things That Can Happen In Astrology

A T-Square can only take place when the three zodiac signs involved are native to the same quality (i.e. cardinal, fixed, or mutable). The specific quality that is dominating the T-Square in question will say so much about what kind of T-Square you’re dealing with. If it’s a cardinal T-Square, competitiveness and impulsiveness will be your biggest monster. If it’s a fixed T-Square, stubbornness and inflexibility will be the hurdle you need to overcome. And if it’s a mutable T-Square, the inability to make up your mind and commit to something will be what stresses you out the most.

Even though a T-Square involves at least three planets, there will always be one planet of focus amid this battle of wills. This planet is the one that is forming a square with both planets and is not involved with the opposition. This is the planet that’s experiencing the most pressure in this T-Square, which means this planet is the one that should be looked to for guidance, as they are essentially the hero in this T-Square story. This planet will be the one that has to make concessions to the other planets, practicing diplomacy or outright acts of war if they so choose.

If you have a T-Square in your birth chart, it essentially means you have experienced a ton of strife throughout your life. Eventually, these challenging experiences have helped you become so much stronger and more capable in the process. If you have a cardinal T-Square, you can count on yourself to be extremely ambitious and a go-getter who never backs down. If you have a fixed T-Square, you can trust yourself to be incredibly patient, calculating, and committed to a longterm cause. And if you were born with a mutable T-Square, you can rely on your endless source of intelligence that allows you to adapt to any situation and learn on the spot.

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