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Elite Daily Newsletter: September 6, 2022

The zodiac signs most affected by Mercury retrograde, Zendaya's beauty evolution over the years, and more.

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Lea Michele Finally Addresses The Rumors That She Can’t Read

There is nothing I love more than a harmless celeb rumor, and the top of that list is the one that has been circulating for years that Lea Michelle is illiterate. The “evidence” is there, neatly laid out by investigative TikToks and threads on Twitter. So in order to clear things up, she finally answered our burning question… um, well, kind of. In a way, I have more suspicions now than I did before, Lea! READ MORE

These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Be The Most Affected By Mercury Retrograde

Hello, darkness, my old friend. It’s fiiiiiine, or at least that’s what I’m telling myself since my sign is on this list! This retrograde begins on Sept. 9 and lasts through Oct. 2, and while some lucky signs won’t really be affected, that’s not the case for everyone. So if you’re one of these three signs, you better get your affairs in order before Mercury retrograde makes life messier than the Don’t Worry Darling press tour. READ MORE


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Zendaya’s Beauty Evolution Is Proof That She’s Always Been That Girl

While it certainly feels like Zendaya just sprang into life in a great pantsuit one day, the truth is she’s been slowly achieving fashion and beauty powerhouse status over time. From Disney star to red carpet mainstay, she’s come a long way. But one thing is for sure, her looks have never been boring (and quite frankly, I suspect they never will be). READ MORE

Hannah Brown’s Brother Married Jed Wyatt’s Ex, And It’s, Um, Awkward

What in the name of The Family Stone is going on with this family?! ICYMI, Hannah and Jed got engaged during her season of The Bachelorette and even though they say this every season, it really was the most dramatic season we’ve had in a while (not quite “film your breakup with your fiancée”-level drama, but close). It turns out Jed had a girlfriend before he even went on the show, and now that girlfriend is, drumroll please: Hannah’s sister-in-law. READ MORE


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