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Hannah Brown's brother Patrick married Jed Wyatt's ex Haley Stevens on Sept. 3, and while Hannah was...

Hannah Brown's Brother Married Jed Wyatt's Ex, And The Instagram Is Awk

Can you really blame her?

Jon Kopaloff/WireImage/Getty Images

Though Hannah Brown’s run as the Bachelorette was technically over in July 2019, the drama from her season is the gift that keeps on giving. On Sept. 3, Hannah’s brother Patrick Brown married Haley Stevens, AKA Jed Wyatt’s ex... Yeah, the same ex who claimed she was in a relationship with Jed while he was on the show, leading to Jed and Hannah’s post-engagement breakup. So with all that complicated history in mind, was Hannah at her brother’s wedding? According to Instagram, she was, but her attendance doesn’t mean the family drama is over quite yet.

On Sept. 5, Hannah posted an Instagram carousel of photos from her brother's wedding. However, Haley was notably absent from the post. While the bride could have just been busy (it was her day, after all), the caption hinted at some lingering awkwardness between Hannah and Haley. “I’ve come to realize my life is a never-ending plot twist, but it makes for a damn good (for sure weird) story. 🥂🤷‍♀️🥳💕,” Hannah captioned the post. Ahem, “for sure weird” might be the understatement of the century.

Hannah’s mom Susanne Brown also shared a photo from the nuptials. And while Haley wasn’t in this picture, either, things seem much less awkward between the two. Susanne even referred to Haley as her “new daughter” in the post.

So with all of this going on, what’s the current sitch like between Hannah and Haley? Though they don’t follow each other on IG, it seems like they are trying to put their tricky past behind them. On Sept. 6, Haley posted more photos from the wedding, including a group pic with Hannah. “Couldn’t be more grateful for not one, but two unbelievable families!!” she wrote alongside the post. Though Hannah hasn’t responded to the post (at least, not yet), it certainly sounds like they’re on the right track.

While no one, not even the Bachelorette producers, could have predicted how this unfolded, I’m glad to see the situation handled with grace — even if it is totes awkward.