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Here's how Hannah Brown and Jed Wyatt's breakup actually happened.

Hannah Revealed How Her Breakup With Jed Actually Went Down And I’m Cringing

ABC didn’t air everything.


Hannah Brown and Jed Wyatt’s split was a rough one for Bachelor Nation. Since Brown and Wyatt called it quits before her season finale aired, their breakup was actually filmed and added to the final cut. But apparently, fans didn’t get to see every messy detail. In her new autobiography, God Bless This Mess: Learning to Live and Love Through Life's Best (and Worst) Moments, Brown explained what actually happened between her and Wyatt leading up to their breakup — and the phone call that really ended it for good.

According to Brown, she started questioning her relationship with Wyatt as soon as filming wrapped. Part of that doubt was tied to her decision to sleep with Peter Weber in the fantasy suites and (more importantly) Wyatt’s reaction to that information. At one point after the engagement, Brown claimed Wyatt told her, “I just think it’s really cool that I’m engaged to you, and you knew that was gonna happen, and you weren’t intimate with anybody else. I’m glad I don’t have to worry about that.” Brown wrote that she didn’t know how to feel about the not-so-sutble slut-shaming — especially after her experience with Luke Parker (who told her he would self-eliminate if she was intimate with anyone on the show) and especially because she did, in fact, sleep with Weber during fantasy suites, lest we forget their windmill whirlwind.

She told Wyatt, “I told you after our night, I knew it was you and I wasn’t intimate with anyone after you.” (Her date with Weber was before her date with Wyatt.) Things got worse after that. Brown wrote in her book, “I explained again what had happened, and he wanted details. He wanted to know if he was better in bed than Peter, and I lied and said ‘Yes.’ I didn’t want to bruise his ego any more than it was already bruised.” (Apparently, Wyatt also asked her who was better endowed... so there’s that.)


The red flags surrounding Brown and Wyatt’s engagement only became more obvious after his ex-girlfriend, Haley Stevens, shared her side of the story. In June 2019, she claimed to People that she and Wyatt “spent the night together the night before he headed to LA. He told me [the show] was just an obstacle and we’d be stronger on the other side because of it.” Wyatt also reportedly called Stevens to say “I love you” when he landed in LA for filming.

Stevens’ claims were one thing, but Wyatt’s answers were another. According to Brown’s account, Wyatt said, “I didn’t lie to you, Hannah. I just didn’t tell you all the details. I didn’t want to hurt you.” She responded, “Well, by not telling me, you hurt me worse.” Mic drop.

The same storyline was featured in Brown’s finale and “After The Final Rose.” but apparently, fans didn’t get to see how she and Wyatt truly left things. Brown wrote, “When I broke up with Jed, the cameras captured it all. But he seemed to walk away from that conversation with the hope that we might still get back together.”

Brown called him later to clarify that things were completely over between the two of them. “He got mad at me for breaking up with him once and for all over the phone, but I just could not bear to see him,” Brown wrote. I don’t blame her.

There you have it: Brown and Wyatt’s breakup might have been even more heartbreaking IRL than it was on TV. And things might have ended on even worse terms than we originally thought.

Say it with me now: “The Most Dramatic Breakup in the History of Bachelor Nation.”