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This mac 'n' cheese at Disneyland's Pixar Fest is going to be the next viral Disney dish.

Disney's "Mood Swing" Mac & Cheese Could Be Your Next TikTok Challenge

The new Inside Out-inspired dish from Pixar Fest is already a fave.

Rachel Chapman/Elite Daily

Squeeing with joy. The Pixar Fest Marketplaces are finally open, giving foodies more to look forward to when planning a day at Disneyland.

With six themed booths of menus inspired by films like Turning Red and Ratatouille, there’s a lot to choose from — but there’s one dish that is sure to be a standout: the Inside Out-inspired mac ‘n’ cheese. Not only is it a delicious dish, but in just a few short weeks, it’s already become somewhat of a TikTok challenge as well.

Over at the Hanger Management booth, located by the Monsters, Inc. ride in Disney California Adventure Park, there are two versions of macaroni and cheese inspired by the characters Joy and Anger from Inside Out and the upcoming Inside Out 2:

  • The Joyful Yellow Comforting Mac & Cheese is a traditional version of the beloved dish, topped with cheese puffs.
  • The Angry Red Hot Mac & Cheese is a spicy take with a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos garnish.

For $9, you can order both separately at the Inside Out booth or get a half portion of each called the “Mood Swing.” Both mac ‘n’ cheese dishes are creamy and nostalgic, but the red hot take is going viral on TikTok for being a bit of a challenge to finish.

What’s The Deal With Disney’s Newest Viral Dish?

The Angry Red Hot Mac & Cheese is Pixar Fest’s version of Hot Onesit’s delicious but very spicy. TikToker @themagicalmillennial_ even found the vibrant color of the dish to be intimidating, and was nervous to take a first bite.

Rachel Chapman

Content creator @thedavidvaughn also found the spicy mac ‘n’ cheese from Pixar Fest to be extremely hot, but discovered that getting the “Mood Swing” was the way to go. By combining the regular with the red hot macaroni and cheese, you get the perfect combo of creamy heat.

I found this dish to be really fun, especially for people who like spice and want to see how much they can handle. It’s the one item I would recommend you try for fun from Disney’s Pixar Fest, but there are plenty of other booths for foodies looking for delicious flavors.

Pixar Fest 2024’s Food & Drinks Go Big On Flavor

Rachel Chapman

Anyone with a sweet tooth should stop by both the Ratatouille Gusteau’s To-Go and Elemental Table marketplace booths. At the former, there’s a Gusteau Macaron with crème brûlée mousse that is so delicious and Insta-worthy.

Though I found the caramel center to be a bit overpowering, fans of dulce de leche will really appreciate it.

Rachel Chapman

The Elemental dessert that I would recommend over anything is the Kol Nut Whoopie Cookie Pie. This treat actually appears in the movie, so it’s fun to try something you’ve seen on screen.

The flavors do not disappoint. The soft cookies on the outside are covered in cocoa powder and filled with a cream cheese frosting.

There are also two cocktails at the Elemental booth — the H2O-rita and Exothermic Margarita — that come with rock candy garnishes. These are both picture-perfect and tasty margaritas to sip on as you enjoy your day at Disney.

Rachel Chapman

The 4*Town Fav*4*ites booth inspired by Turning Red is also a hit. The spicy Red Panda Bao, sweet Panda Apocalypse chocolate brownie cheesecake dessert, and Nobody Like U Cooler non-alcoholic raspberry rose tea drink are all must-tries.

Though it may not be the most inventive flavor-wise, the Pixar Fest marketplaces have some of the best theming out of any Disneyland food festival I’ve seen.

You can check out these new dishes from now through Aug. 4 at Disney California Adventure. Just brace yourself and bring some Tums if you plan on taking the Inside Out mac ‘n’ cheese challenge.