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Harry Styles is rumored to be an upcoming guest on the YouTube series 'Hot Ones.'

Harry Styles On Hot Ones? Here’s Why Fans Thought A Collab Was Coming

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It’s a near-universal fact that Harry Styles is hot. But what came as a (brief) surprise to many of his fans this week was the thought that Styles would getting hotter than ever. Literally. For a brief moment, it seemed like the “Watermelon Sugar” singer would set his tongue on fire with spicy chicken wings...or some non-meat variety.

On July 13, First We Feast, the YouTube channel behind the über-popular series Hot Ones, shared a photo of Styles on Twitter that suggested he could be the next celebrity guest interviewed by host Sean Evans on the hit (hot?) show.

“Rise and shine,” they captioned an image of the singer wearing striped pajamas and carrying a tray of breakfast food. The photo previously appeared in Styles’ May Better Homes & Gardens cover story.

Naturally, fans freaked out and tried to figure out if Styles really was the next scheduled guest on the show. In another tweet hours later, First We Feast shared a hint about who their next special guest was. They offered the cryptic words, “I sang a lot of James Brown.” One fan on Twitter recalled that Styles included two James Brown songs in a playlist he created back in 2020.

Shortly after sharing the hint, however, First We Feast revealed that this week’s guest would instead be Black Panther star Daniel Kaluuya.

Look, we love Kaluuya too, but hell hath no fury like a Harry Styles fan scorned. The post drew ire from fans, with hoping that Styles would instead feature an upcoming episode of the show. I mean, why else did First We Feast randomly share a photo of the singer with no context?

This photo is us, all ears, waiting for them to answer that question:

Jo Hale/Redferns/Getty Images

In fact, the Hot Ones team already knew how popular of a guest Styles would be prior to their post. On July 9, they shared a screenshot of a tweet asking followers who their dream Hot Ones guest would be. They captioned the post, “Make it a drinking game: take a sip for every time someone comments harry styles and a shot for whenever someone says keanu reeves.”

Okay, so while this might have just been a false alarm, clearly the demand for a Harry x Hot Ones crossover is obviously overwhelming. So, Mr. Evans, how much longer are we going to have to wait?!

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