I tried the Cold Stone Barbie Shake on TikTok to see if it's better than the McDonald's Grimace Birt...

I Tried Cold Stone's Viral Barbie Shake Inspired By The Movie

The Barbiecore yassification is taking over TikTok.

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This summer, it seems like you can’t go anywhere without spotting at least one Barbie movie promotion. The highly-anticipated film has inspired a Malibu DreamHouse Airbnb, an Insta-worthy cafe in NYC, a totally nostalgic Forever 21 collection, and now, a viral pink milkshake. Cold Stone Creamery has an all-new ice cream flavor inspired by Greta Gerwig’s movie, and I tried the Barbie milkshake to see if it’s as fantastic as living life in plastic.

Now that the limited-time McDonald’s Grimace Shake is no longer available, TikTok went searching for its next viral sip — and it looks like Barbie has won. Instead of a tragic ending, though, anyone who tries the Barbie milkshake on TikTok, like @phoboya and @clickatronn, is “yassified.” The trend involves taking a sip of the Barbie Shake and spinning around to reveal a new Barbiecore outfit. While my clothes remained the same after my first sip, I was pleasantly surprised by the “All That Glitters Is Pink” milkshake from Cold Stone Creamery. IMHO, it was much better than the Grimace Shake, but the flavor was just as confusing.

Cold Stone Creamery’s Barbie Shake Review

Rachel Chapman

The $9 Barbie Shake is actually just a blended version of Cold Stone Creamery’s All That Glitters Is Pink sundae that you can order. The viral treat is made with Pink Cotton Candy ice cream, graham cracker pie crust, pastel Dance Party sprinkles, and whipped cream on top. When you order the milkshake version, everything is mixed together in a blender — which means it’s not as Insta-worthy as the sundae. However, you don’t miss out on the graham cracker flavor. Despite being blended in, you can still taste the pie crust mixed in with the ice cream.

The Pink Cotton Candy ice cream is actually what threw me off the most with this drink. Overall, I thought it was delicious, creamy, and a perfect treat for a hot summer day, but my issue was that it didn’t taste like cotton candy at all. Instead, it reminded me of a strawberry milkshake. Of course, pink cotton candy can be strawberry flavored, but I was hoping for more of that generic cotton candy taste you get from something like Bubble Yum’s nostalgic cotton candy gum. This was giving just plain strawberry milkshake sans cotton candy, which wasn’t horrible, but also wasn’t exciting enough that I would want to order it again

With all the Dance Party sprinkles blended in, this Barbie Shake wasn’t necessarily Insta-worthy, either. Sure, the pink color fits under the category of Barbiecore, but if I were to try this again, I would ask for my sprinkles to be added on top of the whipped cream so I could see them. Actually, I would probably just order the sundae and not the shake if I went back to Cold Stone. The ice cream comes in a cute, hot pink Barbie movie cup, and like many people, I can’t get enough of the Barbie branding. As TikTok would say, “Capitalism really popped off today!”

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