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8 Things You Need To Know About The Zodiac Sign Of The Season, Cancer

They’re all about the feels, so no need to hide.

by Candice Jalili and Chelsea Jackson
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Cancer individuals — whether they be women, men, or non-binary — are complex, emotional beings, who are oftentimes very misunderstood. They have multiple layers; they’re vulnerable but guarded, moody but dependable, and terrified of change but extremely adaptable. If you’re lucky enough to be embraced by them, you won’t regret it. They’re the parental figure you’ve always wanted, and the trustworthy friend you’ve always been eager to meet. Cancers are some of the most nurturing, sensitive souls out there, so if you’re looking for someone who will take care of you, look no further.

Although Cancers can initially be a bit guarded, the love they give once they open up is as pure as it gets. Their tough outer shell keeps them protected from those who look to take advantage, so don’t be surprised if they approach a relationship with you in a hesitant manner at first. Cancers tend to carefully choose who they let into their world, especially when it comes to their home. Their home and their heart are their sanctuaries, so if they let you in, consider yourself lucky.

Once a Cancer woman, man, or enby chooses you, they will always have your back, no matter what. They will always fiercely stand up for you, and even cry with you if you need emotional support. Cancerians are all about the feels, so no need to hide your emotions from them. They will always sympathize with what you’re going through, and support you along the way. If all of that doesn’t prove their intentions, here are eight things you need to know about the most nurturing sign of the zodiac:

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1. They're heavily guarded but deeply sensitive.

As a Cancer rising and a Cancer moon, I’m pretty much an honorary Cancer, so believe me when I say that Cancer women like me keep their guard up like nobody's business. Cancers know how sensitive they are, and are aware of how cruel and harsh the world can be, so they like to stay safe in our own little shell (or home). They’re the biggest homebodies and would prefer having company over for drinks over going out any day. Since Cancers tend to keep their walls up, they can oftentimes come off a lot less sensitive than they really are, but don’t be fooled. These individuals are as sensitive as they come.

2. They make excellent friends and partners.

The Cancer woman, man, or enby may not be swimming in acquaintances, but they have several deep, intimate, close relationships. Since Cancers are so sensitive, they realize that they can’t trust everyone to be in their circle, so they must be selective when it comes to friends and partners. As naturally intuitive beings, Cancers tend to feel people out before letting them in, to ensure their safety. Once they decide that it’s okay to let you in, they will welcome you with open arms. Cancers love feeling needed and prioritize caring for the people in their circle. They can be relied on to show up for you, even when you don’t feel like showing up for yourself. The love Cancers give is unconditional, so be sure to return the love back to them, especially since they hate feeling unappreciated.

3. They crave emotional comfort and stability in all that they do.

At the end of the day, Cancers are a water sign, meaning they seek emotional security constantly. Holding emotional space for them goes a long way, because they navigate life with their emotions at the forefront of every decision they make. Their top priority is feeling safe, so if you can make them feel at home, they’ll love you for life.

4. They value the concept of home.

Cancers crave roots. They want to belong somewhere and call a place home. Often referred to as homebodies, they thoroughly enjoy spending nights in and surrounded exclusively by the ones they love. They are happiest when they are at home.

When they become romantically involved with someone, their love for home intensifies. They enjoy the home and everything it contains. I’m fairly confident that the term, “Home is where the heart is,” was coined by a Cancer.

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5. They tend to avoid confrontation, but they’ll snap at you if need be.

Cancers aren’t ones to initiate a fight, but rest assured, they’ll whip their claws out if need be, especially when it comes to defending their loved ones. They may not seem like they can hold their own, but their angry side is intense because of their sensitivity. Cancers are a cardinal sign, so initiating protection for themselves is never something they shy away from.

6. Cancers are very sentimental.

The Cancer woman, man, or non-binary person often takes trips down memory lane. They cherish their memories and have deep respect for the history and emotions attached to them. Cancers can find themselves getting sad over situations that have already passed, because of how deeply they feel their emotions. Their feelings ebb and flow like the tides of the ocean, and memories can often spark an emotional spiral.

7. Cancers have a love-hate relationship with change.

Despite craving emotional security in everything they do, Cancers are moon-ruled, meaning that what they need tends to go through changes. One day, they may wake up and decide it’s time to move to a different country that’s calling them. They’re willing to make changes when they feel bored or stagnant, especially if where they’re at doesn’t feel safe and secure enough. The cardinal sign nature of Cancer comes out more than you may realizethey’re ambitious and will go after what they want.

8. Cancers are a lot more playful than they let on.

Since Cancers are super sensitive, they may come off a bit serious and intense initially, but they actually love to laugh and have a good time. I mean hey, Kevin Hart and Sofia Vergara are Cancers, and they’re hilarious. Cancers tend to mask their sensitivity by telling jokes and making light of things that tends to be one of their biggest coping mechanisms. They actually don’t cry as much as you’d think, and they tend to crack jokes when they’re going through hard times. They’ll even use this tactic on others sometimes to make them laugh when they’re down.

A funny yet sensitive water sign — we love to see it.

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