Young woman hugging her partner after getting one of the best gifts for Cancer.
13 Gifts For Your Cancer BFFs That They'll Love To The Moon And Back

All for under $50.

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You've really won the bestie lottery if you've got a Cancer friend in your life. Those born between June 22 and July 22 (give or take, depending on the year) tend to exhibit nurturing and loyal personality traits, which makes them the ultimate BFFs. So you definitely want to shower them with love on their special day with some of the best gifts for Cancers. By keeping their zodiac sign in mind when picking out a present, it can not only help you narrow down your options, but ensure you get something you know they'll love.

While Cancers are water signs who are typically intuitive, this is your chance to use your astrological skills as a sixth sense. Not only that, but you can find a few gift ideas for your Cancer BFFs under $50. That way, you're being financially savvy as well as intuitive.

Cancers tend to be one of the most shy signs of the zodiac, but that's because they like to feel secure. With that in mind, you might want to focus on some cozy gifts they can use to treat themselves at home. With the summer season being their time to shine, you might also want to focus on some gifts that your Cancer friend can use while lounging by the pool. If you need even more inspo, here are just a few budget-friendly gift ideas that you'll want to gift wrap ASAP.

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A Cozy Cancer Candle

Since a Cancer feels most comfortable at home, make sure their space is as cozy as possible with a brand new candle. And not just any candle, but a Cancer candle designed just for them. This new line of zodiac candles from Prospect was made in collaboration with Australian artist Madelaine Buttini, and each comes with a gorgeous collage design on the front inspired by each zodiac sign.

A Moon Necklace From The Day They Were Born

Since Cancers are ruled by the moon, you can't go wrong with a classic moon necklace. However, Moonglow allows you to get even more personal with your gift. When ordering, you can select to have the actual moon phase that appeared on your friend's date of birth on their charm.

A Beautiful New Pot For Dinner Parties

Even though Cancers like to stay home, that doesn't mean they don't like to party with their besties. In fact, some Cancers love to cook for people. You can thank their nurturing personality for that, so get your Cancer cooking bestie a new pot from Drew Barrymore's new Beautiful kitchenware collection. They can even use it to make some of that braided salmon from TikTok.

A Handwoven Boho Blanket

Keeping on the cozy theme, you could always get your friend a new throw blanket. But you also want to think about the upcoming summer season, and what your friend has in store. For picnics in the park and backyard hangs, you'll want to get a gorgeous handwoven boho blanket. That way, your friend can have the most Insta-worthy and cozy setup.

An Avocado Extract Bubble Bath

If your Cancer bestie is on on the self-care side of TikTok, they've probably scrolled past a few #BathTok videos. So, help them achieve the bath time experience of their dreams by getting them a soothing bubble bath. This avocado extract bubble bath from Bath & Body Works is supposed to be extra hydrating for super soft skin.

Notebooks For Journaling

Since Cancers tend to lead with their emotions, they may need a place to jot down everything they're feeling. Get your friend some brand new notebooks from The Home Edit's collaboration with Day Designer. They're not only gorgeously designed with super cute covers, but make the perfect bedside self-care journal.

A Color Your Own Tarot Deck

You know that Cancers tend to be intuitive, so it makes sense that they might like to receive a brand new tarot deck. This one's extra special because they can color it themselves. So it's part gift, part arts and crafts project for ultimate fun.

Cozy Slippers

Get your homebody bestie some fuzzy slippers like Selena Gomez's. They can wear them around the house all day, every day. You can even try to find a pair that matches their fave pj set.

A Cancer Lokai Bracelet

You can't go wrong with a simple bracelet gift, and this Lokai bracelet was designed just for Cancers. It's part of the brand's zodiac collection and features the Cancer sign symbol throughout. Also, according to the company's story, each Lokai bracelet is made with water from Mt. Everest and mud from the Dead Sea. So, it has elements from both the highest and lowest points on Earth to remind you to stay balanced.

A Moon Jewelry Dish

Moons are the way to go if you want to impress your Cancer friend. It is their ruling planet, so they can't get enough moon vibes in their home. Get your friend this adorable moon dish for their jewelry that says exactly how you feel: "Love you to the moon and back."

A Box Of Greeting Cards

Cancers are very caring, so they love to make sure their friends feel the love. Add to their stationery collection by getting a box full of greeting cards they can send to their loved ones. You could also include some colorful glitter gel pens ($8, Arteza) they can write with.

Under-Eye Masks

Sticking with the nurturing theme, get your friend some under-eye masks. These retinol-infused eye masks from KNC Beauty are meant to de-puff and brighten your eyes, so you're Insta-ready. They also look like adorable shooting stars, which is an added, cosmic bonus.

A Sandalwood Rose Sugar Scrub

To treat your Cancer friend even more, get them this sandalwood rose sugar scrub. They can use it during their relaxing bath time. This sandalwood rose scent perfectly matches what color they should dye their hair this year.