10 Fluffy Slippers Like Selena Gomez's Plush Slides For Under $50

Courtesy of UGG

In an Instagram post on April 3, 2020, Selena Gomez displayed her DIY at-home music studio. While fans are excited about the prospect of a new Gomez album, that wasn’t the only thing that caught people’s attention. In the picture, Gomez has the cutest, fluffiest slippers ever, showing that, even if the singer is working hard, she’s doing it comfortably and in style.

In the pic, Gomez is sitting on the floor with the three insulated walls of her studio, a mic, and a music stand surrounding her. She went for an ultimate cozy look with a light gray sweater and dark blue sweatpants. But the real star of the outfit is the fuzzy, brown slides that rest beside her. Covered in faux fur, they look like the epitome of comfort.

TBH, a good pair of slippers is the pinnacle of at-home couture. Socks just don’t offer the same support to your feet, let alone add the same amount of style. Beyond that, the key to a good pair of slippers is being able to run out of the house to grab a package, food delivery, or take out the trash without having to put on a “real” pair of shoes. If you’re ready to up your at-home comfort and style levels, here are 10 cozy slippers Gomez would approve of.

As you can see in her Instagram, Gomez went with a light brown pair of slippers. A neutral slipper is a great choice because you don’t have to worry about it clashing with your loungewear. And considering this is a shoe that will become a staple of your day-to-day, you don’t want to have to think about them too much. That said, these Making Waves Fuzzy Slippers ($23, Walmart) will fit seamlessly into your day-to-day life.

My toes are always cold, but sometimes, closed-toe slippers are too warm. And nothing ruins slipper fluff as quickly as sweaty feet do. That’s why the UGG Fuzzette ($45, Zappos) open-toe slipper is a perfect balance. It lets your feet breathe while keeping your toes warm.

You may like your toes to be warmly wrapped up at all times. For the coldest of feet, these ASOS Zoe Quilted Slider Slippers ($16, ASOS) are like a cozy, warm hug that keeps the chill away.

After a long day, your feet deserve some pampering. To maximize relaxation, these Lemon Women’s Morning Air Open Toe Slide Slippers ($30, Macy’s) are as fuzzy as can be. If you just want to kick off your outside shoes and ease your weary feet after work, these slides are on the ultimate cozy tier.

As soft as a full-fluff slipper is, some people prefer a sturdier sole. These Olive Cross Over Faux Fur Slides ($30, PrettyLittleThing) have a plastic sole, so you can easily wear these shoes on all your errands if you wanted to. Comfortable and practical, these slippers truly have it all.

There are also amazing cozy flip-flop options for those who don’t love slides. The Lemon Women’s Waterfront Flip Flops ($30, Macy’s) take summer relaxation to a new level. This ultra-fuzzy pick even has memory foam in the sole for extra comfort.

Plush, durable, and water-absorbing are all words to describe Roxoni’s Women Fuzzy House and Spa Slippers ($19, Walmart). These slides will keep your feet the perfect temperature and won’t get ruined by sweat. Designed for in and out of the house wear, they give you all the tranquility of the spa on your feet.

To add a little funk to your slippers, leopard print is the way to go. The colors are neutral enough to go with all your loungewear, while adding a fun pattern to the mix. Besides, who doesn’t feel better when they’re wearing animal print?

Some people always like to have a little added height from their shoes. Whether it’s to make reaching the top shelves easier or you just like to feel taller, Koolaburra UGG Fuzz’s Women’s Faux-Fur Slipper Sandals ($41, Kohl's) will keep you feeling your most confident, even while relaxing.

UGG's Fluff Yeah Slides ($100, UGG) are so stylish, you may find yourself wearing them around town as much as you will inside your apartment. They’re cushioned with extra soft lining to give you a truly weightless feeling.