100 Basic Things That Perfectly Sum Up The Year 2014

by Ashley Fern

Yes, 2014 was a year unlike any we've seen in a very long time. It was the year social media decided to exploit every single possible thing under the guise of bringing it greater awareness.

Selfies may have been around prior to this year, but as everyone knows, this was the time they really blew up.

Celebrity scandals have also been incidents of the past, but thanks to the technological advances we have recently seen, they have found new and inventive ways to be completely blown out of proportion.

Now these aren't just things we hear about it, we see pictures, watch videos and read tweets.

Everyone has an opinion out there and whether it makes sense or not, it's going to be broadcasted for the entire world to see. So what are the 100 most basic things that perfectly sum up this crazy year? Let's take a look...

1. Binge marathons on Netflix.

2. Serial.

3. Elevators.

4. Thinking you're going to get Ebola.

5. Completely misunderstanding Ebola.

6. The Victoria's Secret fashion show.

7. Art Basel.

8. 120-second Snapchat stories.

9. Cropping your child out of your Instagram.

10. Chris Pratt.

11. Kim Jong-un.

12. The Fappening.

13. Celebrities going off the deep end.

14. Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

15. Photoshopping your body in all of your Instagram pictures and having a parody account made about you.

16. Taking and believing online quizzes.

17. Your horoscope.

18. Tinder.

19. De-friending people on Facebook on their birthdays.

20. Being racist and not understanding the words coming out of your mouth.

21. Not voting.

22. Juicing.

23. Thinking quinoa is the healthiest food in the world next to kale.

24. Still singing Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You."

25. Being obsessed with Beyoncé.

26. Playing the 'NSync Christmas album in your office.

27. Taking vacation days just to sit in your bed.

28. Instagram Geotags.

29. Snapchatting selfies.

30. Gchat.

21. Drinking an entire bottle of wine by yourself on your couch and tweeting about it.

32. Hinge.

33. Complaining about being single and not doing a damn thing about it.

34. Watching marathons of "Law And Order: SVU" even though you've seen every single episode at least twice.

35. Getting engaged and posting it on social media before telling your parents.

36. Re-starting your diet on a Monday.

37. Being obsessed with Sam Smith.

38. Wine ice cream.

39. #TBT.

40. College reunions.

41. Hating Kendall Jenner.

42. Tweeting your irrelevant opinion about a celebrity's death.

43. Cleansing.

44. Cuffing season.

45. SoulCycle.

46. Being on a Gluten-free diet without it being medically necessary.

47. Over-analyzing text messages from guys.

48. Taylor Swift.

49. Cara Delevingne's eyebrows.

50. The song "Selfie."

51. Taking pictures of your food on social media.

52. Parodies of the song "Selfie."

53. Hating things.

54. Not going out.

55. Beanies.

56. Saying you're not a feminist.

57. Not knowing what feminism is.

58. Complaining about feminism.

59. Absolutely anything that has to do with Amanda Bynes.

60. Complaining.

61. Selfies.

62. Eyeliner wings.

63. "Throwing shade."

64. Leaked nudes.

65. Hating on Kylie Jenner.



68. The Ice Bucket Challenge.

69. Calling Drake soft.

70. James Franco.

71. Going up on a Tuesday.

72. Breaking up with/exposing cheating partner on viral YouTube videos instead of in the privacy of your own home.

73. The Sony hack.

74. Putting filters on pictures.

75. Putting #NoFilter on pictures.

76. Iggy Azalea's ass.

77. J.Lo's ass.

78. Jen Selter's ass.

79. Kim Kardashian's ass.

80. Everyone's ass.

81. Jameis Winston.

82. Giving a f*ck about Dan Bilzerian.

83. Squats.

84. Birthday collages on Instagram.

85. Group dinners.

86. Using Facebook as your diary.

87. Getting into fights on people's Facebook statuses.

88. Texting and never calling to make plans.

89. Hating Anne Hathaway.

90. Literally dying over anything and everything.

91. Spanx.

92. Only wearing leggings, never jeans.

93. Jswipe.

94. Going out just for the Snapchat/Instagram.

95. Eating for the Instagram.

96. Losing Instagram followers you clearly bought.


98. Uber.

99. Being financially taken advantage of by Uber drivers when you drunkenly pass out.

100. Calling things basic.