19 Honest Reasons A Girl Really Wants A Boyfriend For The Holidays

by Ashley Fern

If you ask a girl what she wants for the holidays, there's a 99 percent chance her answer would be in the realm of a significant other.

But does she really care what kind of qualities this man possesses or does she just want someone around for the season?

Honestly, who even knows anymore, as people have grown so accustomed to settling in almost every aspect of their lives.

But when girls get together and discuss what would make their holidays perfect this year, the one thing they all have in common is a BF. Why?

Because we need attention however -- and whenever -- we can get it. Oh well, at least we admit it (at least... to each other).

So, why do girls want an SO so bad during the holiday season? Well...

1. To have someone to suffer through family gatherings with.

Family gatherings are supposed to be fun and enjoyable, but everyone knows how stressful and aggravating they can be. This is exactly why bringing someone with you is such a blessing.

2. To buy/receive gifts that are completely unjustifiable.

The holidays are the time to splurge on ridiculous gifts that you know people would never buy for themselves. Snuggies were basically invented for this reason.

3. To have someone to buy gifts for and then subtly brag to your friends about it.

I mean, what's the point of giving gifts if you can't talk about it with your friends? Hmm, that doesn't sound right does it...?

4. To serve as a great excuse not to go out.

Everyone knows the best part about having an SO is the fact that you can stay in without looking like a loser.

Honestly, going out is overrated anyway.

5. To have someone to gain winter weight with without complaining about it.

If you're both eating every little thing in sight, you can guarantee he won't be giving you sh*t for it -- at least if he still wants to continue eating this way.

6. To prove to their friends they aren't undesirable.

Nothing like a little "I told you so," to get you in the holiday spirit.

7. To have someone to talk about when your family members berate you about your life.

There's really no better way to put your relatives in their place than by telling them exactly what they've been wanting to hear.

8. Because it's really embarrassing to be standing alone at midnight on New Year's Eve.

Making out with your SO is much more socially acceptable than making out with your best girl friend simply because you're both single and alone.

9. To get that Christmas tree picture... even if you're Jewish.

That's a guaranteed 100 likes.

10. So you can both say you're at each other's houses to avoid going to your own homes for the holidays.

Is there any scheme out there that's more feasible than this one? It really is the perfect excuse, since your family will actually be happy you're "doing this."

11. To have someone who's forced to hang out with you over the long break.

Days can be a little lonely when everyone you know is off with their significant others or family. This is exactly why having one of your own really comes in handy.

12. So you don't have to show up to your holiday party alone.

That's just embarrassing.

13. To steal their clothes when it's sub-zero temperatures outside.

You may have your own sweaters and sweatpants, but you know a guy's will always be warmer.

14. Someone to shovel your driveway.

We can barely even lift the shovel, imagine having to do it when it's loaded with snow.

15. ...Errands.

Because waiting on a 20-minute Duane Reade line isn't really a thing you want to do by yourself.

16. It's an excuse to buy new clothes.

It's okay if your boyfriend doesn't notice the fact that you basically purchased a new wardrobe, just as long as you're happy with what you buy.

17. Watching holiday movies alone is just depressing.

Because you can't justify watching "Love Actually" by yourself.

18. There's no way you're physically getting your Christmas tree into your house or apartment without one.

It's either your boyfriend is bringing one into your home, or you just aren't having one this year.

19. You need a person to keep you warm since you can't afford your electric bill.

It's much less expensive and much more fun to have a personal heater in your bed.