#LazyGirlProblems: The 23 Signs You're Staying In Tonight

by Ashley Fern

It’s Friday at 11 am and you’re already exhausted thinking about the possibility of going out.

You’ve almost made it through yet another work week, but the only thought on your mind is sleep. You’ve been waking up at 7:30 am at the latest for five days in a row, and honestly, you can barely keep your head up anymore. You know it's the weekend, the time when you should be going out, but you honestly can't seem to muster up the strength.

Your bed looks so much more desirable than the hangover you know you'll be experiencing come tomorrow morning. You know you won't regret getting a great night of sleep, something you seem to have been missing for years. Well here's to you fellow bed dweller.

Here are the 23 signs you’re a lazy girl, who’s spending this Friday night on the couch:

1. Netflix

This is literally the death of my plans every single night. Chances are you've already paused whatever program you're watching, so half the battle is already won.

2. The temperature outside is less than your age

Who wants to go outside and trek around the city when it's 20 degrees out? Half the road and sidewalks are iced over, anyway, sending frozen chicks to the ground left and right.

3. Getting dressed sounds like the most awful thing ever

Ugh, my bra and pants are already off. Picking out an outfit and getting dressed sounds like way too much of an effort right now.

4. You're having a fat day

Nothing is worse than being forced to put on skinny jeans and chug vodka when you're having a fat day. It'll probably take you twice your normal alcohol intake to get drunk at this point. Stay in and try again tomorrow night.

5. You're still hungover from last night

Drinking while hungover? Cue the vomit.

6. It's someone's birthday you don't like

There's absolutely no way I am putting any effort into get ready for an evening I would rather skip out on. Showering, picking out an outfit and putting on makeup sounds like torture.

7. You have a family obligation early the next morning

Spending time with your family hungover is just a recipe for disaster. They don't understand your pain, everything they do will annoy you and the lecture you're sure to endure is the last thing you want to hear.

8. It means taking a shower

Showering is such an effort when you're exhausted from a long day of work. I mean just take a look at the five reasons why all girls hate showering.

9. It's not pay week

The weekend in between pay cycles is the most difficult to get through. The weekend before, you were probably throwing your blue Chase debit card around like a black card, but this weekend, you're paying for it -- literally. It's always a long stretch to make it to the next pay day, especially after the weekend.

10. Your best friend has already agreed to stay in with you

Did somebody say "Law & Order: SVU" marathon?!

11. Your friends are going somewhere your ex will be

This is a sad, sorry excuse to stay in, but whatever! No one wants to hang around you if you're going to be a Debbie Downer about it, anyway. #Buzzkill. See ya.

12. You have nothing to wear

It's like "Mission Impossible" up in here. You've tried on 12 outfits and nothing looks right. Seems like the perfect time to give up, get into bed and order Seamless.

13. You've eaten half your weight and it's only 11:30 am

Ugh, the struggle is real. Going out on a full stomach is terrible. The only option is to just keep on eating. You know there's no way you're making it out tonight. For more on this topic, see #4.

14. Your drug dealer isn't responding

How are we supposed to function without the necessary stimulants? This work week has me exhausted!

15. You're on your period

The relationship a woman has with her period is an intricate one. The benefits of it, however, are that it serves as the perfect scapegoat for staying in.

16. There's no definitive plan of action

You're wrapping up the pregame, taking your last few shots, only to realize no one has made a game plan. Have you ever tried to make plans with 15 other intoxicated people who "don't really care"? Sh*t is frustrating!

17. You have no clean clothes

You can't even throw on your go-to outfit because it's still dirty from last weekend. I bet you regret not hitting up the cleaners on your way to work this week. #Fail.

18. You just picked up banging weed


19. You have television shows to catch up on

The only personal company you need is that of the fictional characters on "Girls," "Shameless" and "House of Cards."

20. Your couch will be the best lay of your night

You don't have to worry that your couch won't deliver; it's a magical experience every time.

21. You hate people

This is beyond self-explanatory. If you haven't exclaimed this phrase at least once in your life, well, you're just doing it wrong. Kidding. Sort of.

22. It's better to have FOMO than regrets

You know who won't wake up with any regrets in the morning? The person who stayed in. You know who will? The girl who blacked the f*ck out and drunk-texted her ex 12 times in a row.

23. Did I already mention Netflix?

Who needs to go out when you have everything you want at the tip of your fingers?

Top Photo Courtesy: We Heart It