Guy Breaks Up With His Cheating Girlfriend In The Most Epic Way Possible (Video)

For some strange reason, there are people out there who still think cheating is the right thing to do.

Unfortunately, the smarter ones who know better usually end up being the victims -- unless a rapper answers your email request to help you break up with your girlfriend the right way.

That's exactly what happened when a man named Darryl sent rapper Mac Lethal an email about his cheating girlfriend and asked for help.

Here's the email:

Not too long after, Darryl received a response from Mac Lethal, and it's amazing:

The bottom line: If you're going to be a cheating, gluten-free eating scumbag, at least throw the evidence away.

And don't sleep with six different guys and leave footsteps in your Facebook inbox.

At that point, you're just asking for a Taylor Swift-style rap song to break up the relationship you clearly don't care about!